Pipe Shotgun Inconsistent?

Hello, recently while playing around with the new “Pipe Shotgun” I have noticed that is a very inconsistent spread, damage, and how many pellets come out of each shot. Sometimes 2 pellets come out other times 8. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

im pretty sure thats suppose to be the point, the gun and the bullets are both handmade :smiley:

I must have good luck with it. Every time I use it they drop dead rather quickly.

The hand cannon isn’t even worth making though. I’d rather use a bow.

You kidding me? It’s like the other way around my friend killed a guy in Kevlar with two shots from that hand cannon.

hand Cannon is all about timing and how close you are!

pipe shotgun is OP

Can’t wait to test these out. At school and the internet is so bad that I can’t even play not to mention low FPS. Does anybody have a video they can show me of them in action? I’m so sad q-q