Pipe Shotgun Problems

After the wipe on US Central (No Sleepers) - me and my friends are unable to pull out and equip the pipe shotgun. I see that others on the server are having this problem as well. Just wondering if there is a fix for it.

same on the aussie server

Same on McM and they didnt even have the wipe yet

Dev Branch or normal version? In Dev, i can use the pipe, but others dont see it and dont hear it.

ill try dev then

the pipe shotgun kinda sucks, it has a spread, yet it has 180 range, should make this a slug and not a bird shot or a stag shot.

And maybe make it full auto too?Its improvised weapon,damn.

When on dev version it works, but people who dont have it on dev cant see it.

Hope this will be fixed soon i love the handcannon more they any other gun!!!