Piped Chassis's

Played one game of colin mcrae dirt and came up with an idea for making vehicles in gmod.

Reference photos:



Pipes have been a powerfull tool in aesthetics in gmod from day one for me so i have made a series of chassis downloadable for others to use as they see fit.

A buggy using one of the chassis’s in the pack



A video of me showing you how easy it is to work with the chassis’s

The chassis’s








Tyre tread changing


chassis zip download

Bonus photo’s



Aliens take over gmod


Drop by milton gamers and say hi

damnit xro your too legit

Damn, this looks really nice.
Could be nice for vehicle building noobs such as I.

A reply allready wow thats fast

Good job, it’s with vanilla props ?

Anyway, it’s really well done, thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

Yeh vanilla except for the tyres from Jojobull

wo nice one thanks for vid

i bet that bonus pic was laggy as hell

lol yep but that was the point, it was bender’s idea

Nice, I love the van chassis the most, great idea, people should use these for contests and see what they could make as a borderline. It would be fun.

Fuck, this is seriously creepy. The buggy is like almost identical to a buggy I worked on the other day. I guess great minds think alike.

Awesome job on them, it’s not just some 5 minute offroad vehicle. These are some really well engineered vehicles. You really did a good job on them. I’ve gotta drop by Miltons more often, and hit up with you and Grumpy.

Good job, well done

sweet xro

me and you need to make some badass buggies together :smiley:

its butler by the way

Fuck, those are sexy.

Catamari Damacy? IN MY GMOD?!?



I don’t know whether to make the mack or the metro first. :pwn:

i like pipes too

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Awesome, good 2 see you finally posted them, I haven’t seen a few of those b4.

Freaken love the vid still

karbin you fuckin THREAD JACKER

why would some1 do that

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