Pipes should only use handmade shells.

With the new changes to armor and meds, I think pipes are too prevalent, Granted, I just died to a pipe 100 to 0 when his friends bolt headshot did 4 dmg to my facemask, but I still think pipes should only take handmade shells. It’s too strong of a weapon for what it is supposed to be. It’s intended to be a cheap, close range weapon, but it’s equal to if not better than the AK and the bolt for some people. It would also increase the use of the pump shotgun. Tell me what you think.

PLS! YES! I wanted this since the first facemask nerf thanks to my starring in Rusty Pirates video

you got jumped by a guy with a pipe gun now you’re pissed off? You got owned lol
really the gun has enough handicaps as it is

I did get jumped, but I was salty the second I got bolt headshotted for 4 dmg. It shouldn’t do 4 dmg. I should be nearly dead from the bolt headshot, easily 85-90 of my health gone, but instead I had 96 health and I just ate a bear meat and brushed it off. But then his friend rounded the corner and 100-0’ed me with a pipe. The logic is just missing and I want the game to make sense; this sniper rifle does 4 dmg but this lead pipe with gunpowder in it does 100

i think the opposite; all shells should be interchangable, and handmade shells should work in all the shotty’s, just have nerfed damage.

a shell is a shell. provided you make it in the appropriate size, it will work. it’s just that handmade gunpowder and amateur packing will probably lead to the pellets being lobbed, not fired lol.

I feel it, realism and all that. But I prefer a balanced game over realism personally, and pipes are too cheap to make and do too much as a weapon. increase price, or make a simple nerf like make only handmade shells available to them, which is the best solution that I can see.

You do understand that right now handmade shells do more damage then buckshots 90% of the time… It’s clearly not intended to be this way, but it is, so that makes your request/suggestion even worse.

Nerfing the shells and maybe increasing the cost of buckshots would be a far better idea. 10gp for a shell seems a little low considering a 5.56 hv round takes 20gp, buckshots should be at least 20, maybe even 30.

This. Just swap the the damage of the buckshot with the Handmade one since in my oppinion the handmade ones far deadlier the spread is less which makes them better.

Some guy came at me with a bolty i piped him he died. Do you even lift brah? My team mate killed a guy with an arrow and the guy had full gear on and arrowed the back of the guys head he was fully gear with an AK

Why u mad? Shit happens

every weapon besides the eoka is lethal in this game which is good. My advise buff the Eoka.

Eokas need love too, all you gotta do is shoot first spark. Would make it relevant and not op.and if you die to a water pipe you did something wrong. It’s a 1 shotter non op