Well you’ve fucked up and ended up in one of the most under-funded and corrupted prisons on this side of the world, great job. Whether it was for possession of narcotics or you’re just a real scumbag and just had to mug one more old lady on your way to the butcher shop you were going to rob, it doesn’t matter. The guards own you now, so you better get used to it.

You see, in here, the only winning move is not to play. Or play and win I guess, but you’ve got to be sharp as the toothbrush shank I stabbed Tony with last week if you’re going to outwit the guards and beat them at their own game.


Here’s how things work, if you’re a guard, you grab your guns, put on your boots and go tell the prisoners what to do, if they don’t do exactly as you say, shoot him, he was probably dying from malnourishment anyway. If the Warden dies, your hands are tied and you gotta’ let the prisoners do what they want to, its a free day for them. Your job is to give the prisoners orders until they’re down to about two being alive, then they can have their last requests, which basically means they’ll play one of a couple of minigames with you until everyone is dead, or they’ll just tell you what they want as their last request.

If you’re a prisoner, you’re in for a world of hurt. The guards tell you what to do, and you listen, otherwise you’ll have a 7.62x39 sized hole in the squishy part of your ass before you even have time to apologize. It’s not all bad though, you can sneak up on a guard and take him out with your knife, or take out the head honcho, the Warden, and then you can do whatever you want for the rest of the round. Or at least your pals can, if you attack a single guard you’ll be labeled as a rebel and be killed on sight. Your best bet is to listen to the Warden though. Warden says run, you run. Warden says jump, you jump, dont ask any stupid questions like “how high” or he’ll just kill you for being a smartass. Of course you can always try escaping, these shitholes havent been renovated in god knows how long, so theres vents and holes in the walls that’ll take you god knows where and back again without the guards having a clue where you’ve gone.

The sole purpose of me writing the Jailbreak gamemode was to take the already amazing gameplay from the popular Counter-Strike: Source mod and use the vast amount of scripting tools Garry’s Mod provides, to put out a well polished, fun and well coded experience for the players. Jailbreak gamemodes for Garry’s Mod already exist, but none can even come close to the level of detail, features, and proper scripting that has gone into this take on Jailbreak. With tons of features like a custom chatbox, scripted Last Request system, Warden and Rebel notification system, and a beautiful custom heads-up-display, whatever you thought you knew about Jailbreak will be forgotten as soon as you log on.

Currently, Jailbreak is a one man operation, scripted, managed, and hosted all by one person, so for the world of virtual minimum-security-prisons to keep on turning, we need donations. But we still know you’re not idiots, so we of course have to sweeten the deal. Jailbreak includes a shop, powered by the in-game Cigarette currency, where you can buy hats, trails, and temporary bonuses like guns, health and even disguising as a guard for a round! Cigarettes can be purchased standalone, or you can purchase the VIP package, making you a lifetime VIP and giving you cigarettes as well as many perks, like two votemap counts, two votekick counts, a reserved slot on the server and much more!

One of the many hats available on the server!

Life through the eyes of a Prisoner

Custom Scoreboard

Two players, knife fighting in a Last Request

The Cigarette Shop



I’m thinking about playing this actually looks fun.

Server’s routine cleaning was finished along with the addition of 1GB of RAM, server is now up and ready to play, along with the following updates:

-Proud User of Evolve Admin mod!
-Admins’ names flash in chat!

Looks very promising, will try.

I like the HUD and TAB menu.

Server now includes Votemap/RTV!

When i saw the thread title with Pirat and Jailbreak, i thought this was some kind of polish spambot advertising jailbreaks :stuck_out_tongue:

The gamemode looks nice.

Server is severely broken right now, gamemode is fucked and there is no custom hud, scoreboard and you can’t change teams.

It is a dev server. :smug:

Sorry, its something of a makeshift server and I can’t fix it very well while I’m asleep.

EDIT: Server fixed.

I remember playing this with you. Nice gamemode.

Votekick added as well as votemap and a few fun maps :>

Tried to join, cant download the map off the server and cant find it elsewhere :saddowns:

I joined, and the server was good, but…

The hud is too big. 1/4 screen covered when showing ammo with everything else.

What map was it? Because we’ve cycled through all the maps so far and nobody has been unable to download them.

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HUD scales down on resolutions 800x600 and under, I’ll be making it scale on 1024x780 and under after the Cigarettes update is finished.

I believe it was Black_ops or something.

I played the server.
Honestly the server is fun and there are nice players and well coded.

Good job, Kop.

This server is mister tickles approved.

How about making the prisoner models to standard City 17 male citizens.
Or even better: Make them have orange clothing instead of Blue.

But every inmate is a leet?

Models are CT’s and T’s to preserve the Jailbreak spirit :buddy:
Also sorry for the downtime, working on a huge update that will be done later today.

Added hats and trails to the cigarette shop (As well as the cigarette shop itself)
Have fun ;>