Pirate Demomen - You Are A Pirate

Here is my recently GMOD video. Pirate Demomen sing ‘You Are A Pirate’ song, which is originally from Lazytown TV show.
This is kind of hard GMOD video I have made since I do it alone, except for some Team Fortress 2 scenes with a help of my single friend, but still I have fun doing it all.

Preview pic:


Video Link on Youtube (Watch in HD for a nice quality)

or watch below (I’ve figure it out how to embed video here…Silly me)

Please give some comments about this video. Hopefully I can make more GMOD videos later.

wow. this is quite different. good video. very jolly and such. however you could of improved the beginning by adding footstep sounds when they were tapping there feet.

Took a few seconds to start but it was great, it was much better than what I expected. The Demomen swinging on the ropes looked awesome too.

The interruption with the falling demoman made my day. Artistic’d altogether.

You deserve a medal.

This guy deserves his own in-game hat.

I lol’d. Good job, man.

I never really found this song funny until I saw this.


Thats os very good video. +5

p.s. were’s you download model of girl scout?

Thanks for all nice comments. I really appreciate.

@Mr. WTF

That Female Scout replacement can be get through FPSbanana. It’s a custom model by AyesDyef. Here’s the link:

Thank you dude



This is nice video

What’s with the legs at the beginning ? Anyway nice video. Another “version” of this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7Nx1Dj3Ze8 :smiley:
Rate me dump gogoog !

Omg man u made my day

Someone is going to get gang raped tonight o.o

Haha it was nice.

Yarr harr. This rocks!

This was well constructed. The demomen swinging on the ropes looked really neat.

Not bad man! Well done, it was nicely made.