Pirate Servers - GunGame

Well after a couple late nights full of soda and aching fingers, I’m ready to present my second server/gamemode.

Based again on a popular Counter-Strike: Source modification (I have no creativity :v:), I made a nice little GunGame gamemode. I’m not going to try hyping it up because its really just simple fun. You hop on, shoot people and get better guns, then once you’ve advanced through the levels, you get only a knife, and the first person to kill someone on the knife level wins! :buddy:

The server/gamemode features:

  • FastDL
  • /rtv and /votemap
  • /nextmap
  • /votekick
  • A shop where you can buy hats, trails, and power-ups!
  • A custom chatbox
  • Custom scoreboard
  • Custom sounds from the original GunGame on Counter-Strike: Source
  • 23 working replicas of Counter-Strike: Source SWEPs
  • Fun!

Some screenshots to wrap up the thread with:

The death cam, a TF2 style snapshot of your killer.

The scoreboard.

Level-Up notification

Showcasing the HUD and a pretty map

The GunGame server and gamemode are both still under development, but are perfectly playable and so far, show to have no bugs! So hop on when you can:

PirateServers is going to be big in the feature.

I’d rather kill myself than run a really big community lol
But thank you :love:

Then it was nice to know you. :smith:

What happened to your Jailbreak server?

It’s still going strong :buddy:

Just felt like expanding a little.


sounds fun

Looks like a fun mod, I hope the gun powers and parameters are at parity with the real ones in CSS

I don’t think there were powerups in CS:S GunGame :o
Though I’m relatively “new” to Steam games, I think I joined in '07 so it’s possible an older version of GunGame had powerups and all that. Powerups are handled a little bit differently in this version, but just like Jailbreak, the server will be updated regularly, and I’m planning on making it so that when you kill someone there’s a 1/10 chance they drop a powerup like extra speed, health, stealth, half-gravity, etc…

I was just about to point out that “This isn’t a Gmod server”.

But I find myself corrected.
Looks like fun, I might join some time.

Are the sweps custom?

Obviously it is?

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I’m confused, I guess i’ll go and try it out later.

Yeah but they’re not very “custom”. I coded them based on the CS:S weapons that come with Garry’s Mod, they’re basically the default CS:S weapons but without crosshairs.

Added a couple things worth mentioning, like powerups!

There is a 1/3 chance that a player you kill will drop a shiny sphere that is a powerup!
If you don’t already have a powerup and you step over one, you’ll pick it up. Powerups are activated by pressing E. There are 5 powerups, all of which are obtained either by killing players or by buying them in the shop:

  • +100HP
  • Martyrdom (Explode and kill nearby enemies when you die)
  • Speed Boost
  • Stealth
  • Lowered Gravity (Lasts for 30 seconds)

Is there a knife you can steal someones levels with?

You betcha :buddy:

Also, huge thanks to C0BRA for helping make our knife less terrible by showing me player.LagCompensation.

Was on there yesterday was lots of fun, just needs more people and maybe level up after 1 kill as pistol stages take ages.

Nice gamemode. (Really it is, I’m not trolling.

Server is down temporarily while I add SQL integration to my servers.

Aaand, we’re back.