Pirate Ship Wars 13 [RELEASE]

I Have Gotten Pirate Ship Wars From Gmod 9 Working In Gmod 13. Here Are Some Picture And A Download Link!





Workshop content Pack:http://adf.ly/IRq5C

Beta Server:(DOWN)

If You Recieve Error’s On Our Server, Please Redownload The Link From Above Before Complaining!


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Here’s a real download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?l1evh02q7492eb9

adf.ly is shit don’t use it

I Put Time And Work Into This Remake, And I Would Appreciate a milisecond of your time to go through adf.ly

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Think About That When You just Go Direct :stuck_out_tongue:

5 seconds

and you’re making money off of other people’s work

and you’re not making yourself look very smart with your horrible typing and the poll options

although i dont know this guy, i agree he should get something out of it. don’t be hard on people.

I Deserve Some Credit. Nobody Else Got Off They’re Fat Ass To Update The Gamemode So I Did :stuck_out_tongue:

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And Thank You Silent

It’s like if I took this gamemode, added a feature, and put it up on another forum with an adf.ly link. It’s still other people’s work, even if you did work yourself. They didn’t use adf.ly, you shouldn’t either.

Well If You bothered To look At The Files, I CLEARLY SAID that EMPV Was The Sole Creator and i was simply responsible for the update!

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Yea he should get something I guess. But not through ad.fly. He should link his paypal and say something like: “If you enjoy the gamemode, please be kind and donate.” Not try to sap us buy using ad.fly which is a meaningless point of trying to collect revenue. Props to the OP for re-writing this gamemode, only one suggestion.

Since a lot of people are fairly new to gmod, you should post screenshots of the gamemode in action to give a feel if they want to download/play or not.

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Sorry, saw the screens were broken, post new ones I guess

Congrats. You’re still making money off him.

And I did look at the files. You 1) have the original content in the gamemode, 2) put the content in both the psw/content folder and the root folder, and 3) it’s not a remake if you fixed the old one.

Its Ok, And Thank You For The Suggestion

By the way, the gamemode doesn’t work. You renamed “info.txt” to “psw.txt”, even though the structures are completely different.

Well it Works Fine For Me, But I Guess I’ll Go Ahead And Change It To Info.txt, Thank You For The Suggestion

No, that’s not what I mean. You have “psw.txt”, which looks like this:

	"name"		"Pirate Ship Wars"
	"version"	"1.0"

	"author_name"	"VertisticINC"
	"author_email"	"VertisticINC@yahoo.com"
	"author_url"	""
	"info"		"Two Pirate Crews Shall Battle!"
	"hide"		"0"

That’s the old info.txt format. It doesn’t work anymore. The file should look like this:

	"title"		"Pirate Ship Wars"
	"base"	"base"
	"maps"	"^pw_"
	"menusystem" "1"

I’m sure this means the gamemode will be great, since you didn’t even get the right format for Gmod13.

(Also, you listed yourself as the only author)

Well Hypothetically Speaking, It IS A REMAKE, But 2, Why Does Facepunch Have So Many Brutes?
If You don’t Have Anything Nice To Say Don’t Say Anything At All.
P.S. Even Though I’m Still Gaanna Get Hate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok Snail, I’ll Hand The Project Over To You, Take My Files And Do What You Want With Them.
Ill Make You An Owner Of The Steam Workshop Content Pack.
You Do It Your Way :smiley:

OK, sure. I’ll see what I can do. Step 1 would be fixing psw.txt, which I’ve already done.

accept my Friend Request with the dog face so i can add you to the files, wont let me otherwise on workshop.

Step 2 would be fixing:

[ERROR] gamemodes/psw/gamemode/cl_init.lua:133: bad argument #2 to 'CreateFont' (table expected, got number)
  1. CreateFont - [C]:-1
   2. v - gamemodes/psw/gamemode/cl_init.lua:133
    3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82

Atleast You Didn’t Do What Nightmare Did In My Old Post…http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1236366

Oh jesus. You’re FlaxWork.