Pirate Ship Wars - It is BACK!

Join our Pirate Ship Wars server! No errors, smooth game play and fastdl!


go to console and paste: connect

Enjoy and I am excited to play with you all!

What a massively in-depth and intelligent paragraph with lots of media and features!

Ah, so instead of posting actual info and content regarding the gamemode, you advertise your server?

This section is not meant for server advertising, it’s meant for showing off or discussing gamemodes.

Also, why is it running Aim_dust_snow ? Theres water indeed, but where are the ships?

I dont know what to do with the maps, ahhHh!

You post an advertisement for your server and then confess you have no idea how to work it.



It actually was working earlier, albeit using a horrible map for it.

I’m confused.

Whenever I think of Pirate ships and games, I think of Overboard/Shipwreckers.
I wish someone could make a multiplayer gamemode like that, then again coding such a thing for gmod would probably prove difficult/impossible :frowning:

Were you on Profane’s sever when we drove the ship UP the waterfall?

Don’t think so, I haven’t played gmod for a while due to being busy with some other games.

Actually my server is down now cause I have to pay the monthly pay now! :smiley:

Please don’t bring it back.

why it was awesome? he shouldn’t though.