Pirate Ship Wars Remix

**Hello again! ** Me and Vader are back with a new gamemode that is fully released on workshop ready for you to play and host right now!
Check out our steamgroup for constant updates, report bugs and upcoming news for new gamemodes we are going to make: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/superdevs


So, why should you get Pirate Ship wars Remix and not the normal Pirate Ship Wars?

Well, the original Pirate Ship Wars gamemode is bland, not enough content and is getting rather outdated. However with Pirate Ship Wars Remix you get the new UI overhaul, new ways to play the game, Small Administration system (See Images Below), New Weapons, New Cannon Ball types (These also can be pretty easily be coded in for your self!) and tons more content and upcoming updates to make sure your experience is just so much better! ( Full Features List Below)

This gamemode also includes a ranking system that shows indiviual names for both teams. This will not effect your rank at all it just makes it more realistic with different ranks! We made this ranking system to give your users more of a goal to reach and get the highest levels! (You may add your own levels if you know what you’re doing) here is the current ranking system:

Pirate Ranks
1 = Pirate
2 = Mopper
3 = Powder Monkey
4 = Cook
5 = Outlook
6 = Boatswain
7 = Gunner
8 = Parrot
9 = Quartermaster
10 = First Mate
11 = Pirate Captain

Navy Ranks
1 = Warrant Officer
2 = Chief Warrant Officer
3 = Ensign
4 = Lieutenant
5 = Lieutentant Commander
6 = Commander
7 = Captain
8 = Real Admiral
9 = Vice Admiral
10 = Admiral
11 = Fleet Admiral

Now here is the rest of the information that is important for you to know and explains pretty much every feature the gamemode includes:
Supported Maps**

In theory, it supports any Pirate Ship Wars 2 map. In theory.

Tested confirmed works:

psw_ocean_day: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=313438107
psw_fort_thunder: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=313437878


**Main **

Ships now have health based on how much breakable wood they have.
A ship’s speed is based on how many masts are remaining. The more
masts, the more speed a ship has. If it has zero masts, it will not move.
Support for up to 9 masts.
Theoretical support for up to 9 teams/ships
The ship is sunk when it is at 45% health and all masts have been
Ranks. Each team has a set of ranks (seen below). As you get kills
and win / finish rounds, you get XP and with enough XP, you rank up.
The rank number stays constant, but what you are called changes based
on your team. These ranks are persistent.
Wins. Wins are persistent and are viewable on scoreboard.
Gold. You get gold at the end of each round and every time
you destroy a piece of ship or a mast. Gold is persistent. You can use
gold to buy fireballs.
Fireballs. While using a cannon, if you right click, you shoot a
fire cannonball. The number you have is persistent.
blastballs. These are essentially powdered kegs that explode on
impacted. To switch between the two, press R.
Ship health. You can now see how much health your ship has left
in the bottom right on the HUD. A percent shows up once you go
below 80% that is next to the bar.
Shop. You can buy different things with gold. Right now, you can
only buy fireballs, but if you have a suggestion, please give it.
Choose team. You can choose your team from a list or commit
suicide if you’re stuck.
Scoreboard. Shows you visually and numerically how much
health a ship has left and information about other players.

Admin Options
FriendlyFire Toggle.
Time limit toggle.
End round.
Fast Ships
Water Damage
Use Better Models

**Client Options **
HUD Toggle
Smoke toggle
ThirdPerson toggle.
Gender Change

Ships sink (Will do this ASAP but will make it a server option. With sinking, ramming makes the ships glitch.)
Shop - Repair masts if not broken.
Captain System - Allows one player to control the ship/crew and order them around and tell them what to do to ensure victory.


HUD Show off

Admin Menu**

Extra Cannon Balls

Buy Menu

Anymore information you require you can find it on the workshop download page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=739547835
Please leave positive feed back and don’t be mean, we don’t learn from you being rude, either post in our steamgroup what you think we can change or leave a comment! **

Thanks for reading.


P.S This gamemode will be going through updates in the future so please keep in mind this is some what still a WIP. but still have fun!

I like I like. This genuinely looks like a well made gamemode.

dank as shit dude, nice

Good work, Here’s hoping the server browser won’t fuck you over

If he hasn’t changed the gamemode name it shouldn’t, my PSW is normally populated and so his one will show up in the same category.

Looking good, I’ll definitely jump on the test server.

Is it possible to walk around the moving pirate ship?

If not, would it be possible to be implemented? Maybe something like Gravity Hull Designator?

Look’s promising.

You can move around the ship.