Pirate ship wars?

I remember playing Pirate Ship Wars really long ago when I was a little newguy.
Is there a working version for gmod13, which you can host?

The GM9 version actually works on GM13, or atleast the core functionality. Lots of things are broken, though.

Your avatar fits to the topic :v:

Do you think they are fixable if I could find a skilled coder?

no everything is ruined forever

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of course it’s fixable

I was thinking the same thing :v:

I tried to fix it myself, but the amount of lua errors kept on opening up the support page, making it impossible for me to work on it.

I got it fixed on my end, under 4 hours. Just need to do is slightly polish it, rename and remove tons of stuff that are completely useless or un-needed.


can i please have a copy of it also?

wow im willing to pay for you if you upload :smiley:

I am almost done, here’s my todo list.


- Find a way to make the team selection automated within player spawning  or manual selection, whoever coded this made it a bit too[timer](http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/indexa75a.html) dependant. Game randomly changes you to team on every round to ensure safe fun anti-teamstack. Plus it autobalances once
there is two more than the other.

- Tidy the code a bit more and capitalize certain parts to look a bit nicer.

- Fixed the ship from completely being griefed by your team.

- Models being T-Posed due to faulty animations IN the model itself (not  even lua can save it). Must be recompiled to be completely 
fixed. (I can't really do this, so someone with source models expertise would help me then it would be delightful for me).

Not done/Unfinished/Needs fixing:

- Override the physics to prevent the issue with players not jumping well (or even going up staircases with unfrozen welds, this was
done somehow in gmod12, I have no idea how it will be on 13 but I know it's possible).

- Used the ZS Modular Weapon system, makes it easier to add SWEPS and Melee SWEPS on the go.