Pirate Ship Wars

So I had this PSW gamemode sitting around on my HD for a while, and figured I’d throw it up on ScriptFodder. Little did I know, this existed, so I’m now releasing it for free!

It’s on GitHub at https://github.com/disseminate/pirateshipwars
Content here
I won’t be updating it, sorry - way too busy with other projects.




  • Lightweight, optimized Pirate Ship Wars.
  • Cleanly designed, aesthetically pleasing GUI.
  • Physics optimizations: The least laggy PSW yet.
  • Pointshop and Pointshop2 integration.
  • Configuration options, such as Pointshop points to be awarded or player collision.
  • Automatic map voting system - picks from maps starting with “pw”.
  • Custom soundscape: seagulls and waves in every map.
  • Customizable help menu
  • Workshop map system - downloads maps from the workshop instead of the server automatically
  • Content has been workshopped separately to maximize download speed

PSW v2 is probably better than this one, but hey, I figured it doesn’t hurt to release it.

Cool shit

Does this use the really ugly looking player models the old ones did?

No, it uses gmod playermodels with a team coloring.

Ask shaun about putting some of these changes into the main github. I’m not sure if the welds are parented now or if it really makes a difference. I like the fire