Pirate Wars Gamemode

I recently hosted a gamemode called “Pirate Wars” off the workshop and so far it has been really successful. However there are so many glitches and bugs with it that i am surprise people are even on it. I was looking for a price check on how much it would be to revise this buggy gamemode. A quick overview:


  • Gamemode crashes A LOT randomly
  • Map Change Fix
  • People spawning outside of the ship
  • Really buggy when ship is moving and your walking.
  • Any other bugs there are


  • New HUD and Scoreboard
  • More Pirate like weapons
  • Donation Benefits
  • Any other improvements that amps the pirate experience

This is just a price check and not an actual job although help is appreciated. Even suggestions can help a lot.

I would say to fix the gamemode up good-as-new would be about $50

I think it matters on the amount of buggy code. I might have to hire someone to make 2 from scratch.