4 hours
Sir, I have just spit my tea all over the monitor. I do hope you are very well joking with me!

It is

  • Blocky
  • I never knew concrete floated, better tell vinny, cause’ johhny ain’t sleepin with the fishes tonight
  • The skybox is crap
  • Dull lighting

Put some supports on the concrete so it doesn’t magically float. Change the skybox. Make the lighting less dull.

It needs detail, detail makes a map.

There’s a flatgrass map, and then there’s a flatgrass map with a city in the middle, roads and traintrakcs around it, it’s still a flatgrass map, but everyone forgets it.

Listing time!

-Bad texturing
-Unoriginal idea
-Fullbright (or very dull lighting, can’t really say)

4 hours to make this map? This can be made in 5 minutes.

You need to look around more. There are shitloads of maps that are similar to this AND look better.

Well first off, it looks like a test map, there’s no reason to release this kind of map, because theres like millions maps like this ( I personally think Gm_Flatgrass and Gm_Flatwater is enough ). And second thing is: IT’S FULL BRIGHT! Never, ever do fullbright maps! FYI: Im NOT here to tell your bad, just dont release your first or second map, release your 10th map ( Or if it isn’t good or you think you need to learn more, release your 20th or 30th map).

I hope i helped you, and hope to see better maps from you :slight_smile: !


I’m not blaming you because it’s yours first map. I’m blaming you because you released your first map.


You have not seen the harsh side of Facepunch, they are merely being easy on you.

Oh dear, it looks like you almost copy and paste your feedback in every thread… Now THAT is unoriginal.

Because those are the faults in most of the new maps.


How can people not see their map isn’t release worthy? I spend 20 minutes mapping, built a room, stuck some lights in and threw some barrels around. It was shit, blocky and crap, but it at least had lighting, jeez. I didn’t release it, because 1. I knew no one want’s it and 2. it’s been done 1000000 times before and 3. I gave up mapping then and there, wasn’t my thing.

I’ve pretty much given up browsing mapping releases, because it’s full of people who think their map is excellent, when actually it’s been done many times before, is blocky, unlit and a piece of shit.

And four hours? Jesus fucking christ.


Note: I’m not saying DON’T keep mapping, nor am I saying don’t release any more maps. Just use common sense.


avatar/post match is unmatched in terms of matchmanship


by the way this isn’t physics detailed because concrete doesn’t float :downs:


Don’t give up that easily. It’s good that you can see that the map satisfies your wants, and therefore you are happy with it. Just remember in the future not to release maps that you are unsure other people would be happy with. Most people, when browsing the releases, look for maps with detail, nice texturing, good lighting, and innovative play mechanics and visuals - if your map satisfies your needs for a map but not those conditions, it’s best not to release it. If you do, however, put in the time and effort to make a map like that, you’ll find a lot more positive feedback here. And as always, no matter how great a map is, there will always be some nitpicker who’s gonna say it sucks.

Mostly what Fizzadar and everyone else said :slight_smile:

Don’t give up mapping.
If you create more maps try to compare, your map to other maps that have positive feedback. See if it meet’s the quality they have, if not then it’s probaly best not to release it.

Interlopers.net have some great tutorails, to help you create more interesting maps.