Pirates of The Caribbean

Something happened… I slipped then thought of a name called Jack, then later on as I saw a short scene of forbidden kingdom I saw and heard that sparrow chick. Then I finally knew that I love swords and pirates.

So here, im planning to just troll… Nope, im gonna be using these for a scene, I searched and found a Jack Sparrow model but it is low quality and a player model and saw his compass nothing else, I was thinking, if someone sexy can be able to make a:
I just need a decent quality for everything. And MANY THANKES

Jack Sparrow Model for posing (1st type h)


Jack Sparrow (2nd type without his hat or with? you decide!)


His Sword (maybe you could make a clean one and a dirty one with blood)


His Flintlock pistol


and is there a ship like the Black Pearl or if you want to make one dont add rooms


True Story

You ask for much, but offer very little in return. I honestly don’t see anyone taking up this request any time soon.

I know.
That’s the point.

I don’t think anyone here will be intrested to remake a complete Sparrow.

The best way to put one in gmod would be to rip it off from a game.
Like this Jack looks pretty decent:

(Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End)

I somewhat doubt anyone will, considered my requests in the past for something ripped from that game (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End). Usually ends with a no or a overall dead thread.

Wouldn’t hurt for Davy Jones as well

That actually is the exact thing that I wanted to get from the game, but everyone kept saying No, or just no reply at all.

I also agree it would be really cool to have Davy Jones. Norrington as well.

That one in the workshop is from the PC version I’m almost positive, the one shown is from the console version of the game. I don’t know why they half-assed the PC version over the console version, but I guess we can’t win them all.

Meh I dunno. I just hit reply on a random post and posted the link. Not a lot of people check the workshop.