PirateShip Wars Enhanced Suggestions

The PirateShip Wars Enhanced server has ben making some very nice ahem enhancements lately. They’ve added Pirates of the Carribean music and just generally improved the whole experience. But I had an idea… neigh an epiphany.

You’ve got your usual two teams of combines vs. rebels. Now imagine this. A third team. Sharks!

The objective of the sharks or shark (I guess one shark might be sufficient) is to ram the ships or snatch the sailors down into the depths of the ocean.

Left Click: bite (but this should be a nice animation, a ripping kinda motion from left to right while the victim becomes a ragdoll who can see his own body being pulled around)

W+shift: ram (speed boost)

Should be able to switch between first and third person when you are a shark.

So, do you guys think this can be done?


Well it’s Pirate Ship Wars Enhanced… Not Pirate Ship + Shark Wars Enhanced.

Well there are ‘SNPC’ underwater monsters…

It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.

@Killers2: Sharks are part of the pirate ship experience my friend. I think this could really take the gamemode to the next level.

Does anybody know how to code this?

Yes I could probarbly do the code but the models are the hard part.
I manage the PSW:E server and code for it a bit… Snake does some coding on it to.

I’m sorry my friend, I have no experience with either modeling or coding (I wish I did, I’m learning).
I just had this idea and I am unable to make it a reality. I’m sure there’s someone on the forums who could do an insane job with the modeling, judging by some of the things this community releases.

I love what you guys have done with this gamemode. The music and everyhing is perfect. I was on the servers and I saw one of my teammates jump into the water and I thought “Wouldn’t it be insane if a shark fin popped up nearby!”


I was going to post this on the Pirateship Wars Enhanced thread but I can’t view it for some reason.


The link gives me an error

The gamemode is no longer hosted with Darkice , you will need to check where the new website for it with Killers2.

must include megashark and giant octotpus

So do the people who play PSW:E agree with me here?

We are currently setting up new fourms at http://www.killersservers.co.uk/games

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Not impressed.

Stop trolling around about how people make their websites. If you want to bitch, you make it for them for free.

It was a placeholder theme…

So are you guys going to do this or what ? :wink:


I just don’t understand this argument. That’s like saying “well it’s pizza… not pizza +cheese”. Cheese is part of the pizza experience just as sharks are part of the ocean and part of a pirate’s life. It could even be a whale (i.e. Moby Dick). Who cares what the gamemode is called, aren’t you trying to create the most engaging and fun experience possible?
Aren’t you trying to improve the gamemode? If you stop updating it it will die off rapidly, that’s just common sense.


So what is the real problem here?

I believe GiGaBiTe has owned once again.

Sharks as an NPC would be perfectly fine. Sharks as a player class would be unbalanced and stupid.
They would only be able to attack people who are swimming (which is what you always avoid), so their only logical choice after that would be to allow them to kill the ships. But a ship that size wouldn’t be damaged by a shark because they aren’t made of twigs and rope. So if you chose this unrealistic idea for the shark, then you would have a class/team that is near invisible in the water and can quite easily destroy a ship without being noticed.

See why your idea wouldn’t work?

Termites however…