Pissed off biotic crushing a dude - Scenebuild

I’m not sure if I could call it biotic powers though, I think it looks more like blue energy smoke or something.


Darker version with extra shadows:


First edit:

Criticism & Rate plx :3:

the impact looks nice, and so does the blue smoke around the biotic, but it looks like he was inserted into the picture, he really stands out.

Looks cool.
But The Hard edges on the scenebuild are a turn-off.

I suppose that’s the outer glow.


Yeah, it looked much nicer without the outer glow. Uploading the new one.

Nice biotic power effects, but it looks a bit empty and you should edit some shadows.

Added some more shading and stuff. Thoughts?

Kinda better, but too dark.

i wanna be a biotic :frowning:

This one is not my purse!!! ARGGHHHHH!

I like the motion blur and the glow.

Posing is pretty good, motion blur and glow are nice as well.

Thanks guys!

I would’ve done the biotic effect differently, but it’s pretty great nonetheless.

Lookin’ good Haxxer.

Please do show! I’m not entirely happy with mine.

Thanks for the positive comments :3

It’s not a perfect edit, I was just trying to show a general idea of how I’d do it.


I didn’t add the shadows and such either cuz this was for the biotic effect mostly.

I think the arm thing is what is missing, just looks all star wars to me without the cool arm thing.

The what?

That thing. I dunno what its called because I hardly used it in ME1.

Its a omni tool :slight_smile:

That’s an omni-tool, as the above user said. It’s used for hacking, using technical abilities and setting enemies on fire, not biotics :smiley:

Was hoping for biotic god. :frowning: Cool nonetheless