Pissed Off Demoman

Why is he using a Kukri and not a Bottle/Makeshift stabber/Claymore/Battle axe.

He obviously stole it from the dead sniper in the first picture cuz his broken bottle was broken duh.

1st pic looks like he is burning.

2nd pic, his legs are clipping his crotchpad.

Why is the kurki black?

Other than that…okay posing. 1st pic looks like he is burning.

Look at the dead snipers! He has his Kurki in his chest!

Doesn’t seem like you put much effort into it.

His kukri was supposed to be bloody, but I accidentally placed Scorch paint on it.

The 1st pic shows a sentry gun, not the Demoman, burning.

Also, I would’ve used a claymore/battleaxe, but the new TF2 update items aren’t added to Gmod.

Why do people never look in the browse menu?

The new TF2 items are in GMod, you just have to look for them in the TF2 folder in browse.

I see you in the background in the second picture.

That’s not me, that’s some trolling arse who was going around messing up people’s stuff.

That’s why the images look rushed: I had to hurry and fix them before that idiot attacked my props, didn’t want to start a single player map. The admin wouldn’t ban him either.

why don’t you pose in single player then
that’s what it is for


Well, if you would have used Single Player you could have had a better image.