Pistachio Roleplay

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Pistachio is a new role-play game mode that is currently being developed upon. The goal of this game mode isn’t to be another overstuffed DarkRP edit, but to allow players the freedom to be creative in their role-play, which was inspired by the old times of Garry’s Mod 9. The game mode contains features that will hopefully prevent people from being idiots and ruining it for others. Hopefully Pistachio can provide a way to have a decent, fun server that Garry’s Mod has been lacking.

Pistachio includes many features that will hopefully fit the needs of players. Here are most of the features currently implemented:

1. Karma - Scales the damage you inflict as well as time for jail, spawning, etc. Karma is gained once every ten minutes, and there are other ways as well.
2. Mailbox - These are where items are stored when you order them, and they save.
3. Market - The market is basically a store where you can buy items. There is a delay from the time you buy it, to when it gets into your mailbox.
4. Stock for items - Items have a certain amount of stock left, it decreases when someone buys it, and increases by a certain amount every 24 hours. This allows for a player driven economy to be made as well as allowing you to sell items if they run out and you have them.
5. Hats - Inspired by Team Fortress 2.
6. Shirts that allow coloring - You can customize the color of your shirt.
7. Storage Items - Allows for easier mobility of items.
8. Balanced money printers - Money printers have been more thought and are much more balanced than normal ones in DarkRP. They have a power level which controls the outcome and if the power is 0, it will blow up. The powering down is indicated by a yellow bar on the printer's display panel. The printers also make a beeping noises, so you best hide it well. To make players *want* to hide it well, is players will gain karma for it.
9. Delayed crosshair - Allows for less accurate aiming and looks cool.
10. Modified CS:S Weapons - Movement affects accuracy and has some slight networking fixes.
11. Custom Derma skin - Looks nice.
12. Stamina - Stamina loss and gain is based off your speed. If you're standing still, you will regain stamina at a faster rate. Crouching will double the regain amount.
13. ATM - Since you lose money on death, you can store money in ATMs.
14. Life Insurance Item - Lessens the amount of money you lose on death.
15. Alcohol - Impairs vision and has no real benefit besides partying.
16. Paper - You can write with.
17. Rope - You can tie others.
18. Player Titles - Titles that're basically descriptions which you can add other information.
19. Custom chatbox, voice panel, and scoreboard - Fit in with the gamemode.
20. Custom HUD - Moves around and looks neat.
21. Vehicle, seats, and horns - For vehicle fun.

  1. MySQL Support (Changing back and forth will not affect data!)

  1. Lua autorefresh support! (See pistachio/gamemode/sv_mysql.lua)

And many more!

Some of the screenshots are old and probably have some changes.

Showing off the scoreboard.

Cinematic prison life.

Demonstration of customization.

The ATM mini console thing.

Hopefully this gamemode tends to the people who’ve been complaining role-play is dead.
The purpose was to fix the issue of people thinking that they need new features in order
to have fun and such.


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Oh, at the time I was making this, lua_run_cl was working even if sv_allowcslua was 0.
Didn’t work anyways so, no harm, no foul.


cool nice release

[editline]12th November 2012[/editline]

holy shit your scripting style is like identical to mine( not saying you’re copying me )

like wtf look at a snippet of my code our styles are similar even down to the way we do spacing that’s so weird

function _Meta:AddCharacter( data )
if ( data ) then
for _,item in pairs( stalker.config.CharFields ) do
if ( data[item[1]] == nil ) then
if ( item[1] == “Name” ) then
data[item[1]] = item[2];

	local quickname = string.lower(data["Name"]);
	if ( quickname == nil or self.Characters[ quickname ] != nil) then
		return false;

		self.Characters[quickname] = data;
		self.Characters[quickname]["Name"] = nil;
		net.Start( "AddCharacter" );
			net.WriteString( quickname );
			net.WriteTable( self.Characters[quickname] );
		net.Send( self );
		stalker:NewCharacterCreated( self, quickname, self.Characters[quickname] );
	return true;


Does this mean you can set your name to be like, James Rostropovich? And it not be using your Steam Name?

It is released? Awesome. I’ve been wanting to try the server, but I can’t stand laggy servers.

Titles are more like descriptions and other information you want to include.

Is it possible in your next update could you add this type of function? It would make this a great solution to many Serious RP servers who have to wait like 4 months till CW is done.

Off topic, do you work for Sharkey? Or do you help code other things like you did the OA Plugins?

I can add an option sure, the gamemode wasn’t meant for serious role-play, more of fun but that’s alright.

And no, I just made and released a couple plugins in Sharkey’s thread.

Decided to make a server with this gamemode. It’s a really nice gamemode. Hopefully I can get people on so it’ll be much more fun.


Ha, oh god how did I even do that. Fixed my post there now.

This is awesome. Finally some roleplay gamemode that has a city theme not HL2 or Halo or ARMA or GTA or any other random shit from the internet. I really like it.

Not sure if this is your code or the map, but with Evocity 33 the skybox is just white, and so is the fog.

what other color would fog be…?

It’s just strange to me, because the fog is pure white every other time I played on the same map the fog is a light grey and the skybox should be militia HDR, but it’s just white.

i’m giving this gamemode a try

So I’ve been playing around with this gamemode and I’ve found a little glitch, if you /advertise before your allowed to again it still takes away $50 but doesn’t show your message.

Why does the VGUI show up with the missing texture? (pink and black checkers)