Pistol Holster Models?

Are there any out there? I haven’t been able to find any other than the single one included in the Counter Strike Source files, and it is rather horribly low res… :frowning:

I personally don’t know of any others that are just the holster alone, but there are better texture replacements that can be used for the CS:S pistol holster.

Any links? Or else I’m just gonna google CS:S texture replacements.

I’m downloading the CS:GO texture and model files now. If CS:S has a holster then maybe I’ll be able to find one in the CSGO files.

Consider checking here, since there’s a shit ton of retextures available for pretty much everything.

Yeah. I just downloaded a full retexture for CS:S. I’m going to try it out now.

do I extract the textures to my CS:S directory?

EDIT: I extracted the textures… but they still look the same. Do I need to verify the CS:S cache??? o_O

Considering that GMod seems to be able to access some of the CS:S content on its own without having the game installed, you’d probably extract it to the GMod directory instead.

Have you consider take a pistol holster model from a Modern FPS such as BF, CoD or even Arma III?

I haven’t, but that’s because i have literally no experience in porting models and setting them up for GMod/SFM/etc. I just downloaded blender today, so once I figure out the basics and intermediate stuff then I’ll move on to converting stuff from other games

Downloaded it but all I got were viewmodels and not world models in the pack. I’m still looking but so far I haven’t found anything. It seems like porting may be my only option.

I have some Pistol Holsters from Tactical intervention and their textures do not look so bad

Just need to check that they do not use other textures to upload

The only decent models from Tactical Intervention…

Some of the weapon models are pretty decent as well. Everything else just needs a bit of fixing up.

And some w_weapons have their bodygroups (silencers, magazines, laser sights.etc) and some props are very decent

Have they been modified for use in GMod? Or do you still just have the source files.

Actually, doesn’t TI run on the source engine as well?

Tactical intervention uses a modified version of the source and this files are .fbx instead of. vpk so to have their content just follow this tutorial


and review in their files, I discovered that W_weapons has bodygroups (and as some props y players) and some other models is detailed (like 2 civil vehicles, airports vehicles and the Boeing 747 and 777 that had uploaded to the workshop months ago

I’m downloading TI right now. Do you know the location of the holsters so I don’t have to port 3 gigs worth of materials and models for just the 10mb that I need? :0

is in models\player\holster

I got this one.


I need a more generic one so I can fit different types of pistols in it. The streamlined ones are nice, but they are only designed for a specific pistol. I’m working on converting the TI files right now…

Are you planning on uploading them? because if you are then I won’t bother extracting them.

Edit: Hmm… I can’t seem to get the files to show up in GCFScape.

Sorry for the delay, had no light in my house