PJAMA's Neotokyo Comics (56kbps Users Be Warned)

Since Source Recorder is broken, I decided to do a comic book format of my Machinimas.
I’m going to bed now, please tell me what you think about Episode 1.

I will also accept suggestions and Ideas for the next Episode (adding TF2 characters, etc.)
I don’t have CS:S, EP1 or EP2.

I made this one because my mother got my sister a movie from redbox, and watched it all day which annoyed me.

The moral: Let your date choose the movie. Not You. And you go with her.
Please take note that I don’t like furries much.


Paul :smile:

Took me until the last text in your post to realize one of them was female.

You gotta format the speech bubbles differently in the first panel. The one on the right is higher yes, but by a nearly unnoticeable degree. Makes it confusing to read.

Yep. I can’t tell if that Playermodel is male or female, so I gave it a female gender.

The good thing about this comic is that it isn’t some interactive comic nor a troll comic.

That’s a sad thing to be grateful for, but yeah…

Thanks for the Criticism!
Please let me know if something is not right.

Episode 2 - Hat Trouble


  • Paul

I’m pretty sure that character in the comic in the OP is male. He’s just effeminate. Japanese seem to like effeminate guys.

I don’t think men would have waists that thin, but you do have a point.