PKM from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl, requested here


I’m actually very angry about this release. Why stop here? This looks awesome, and personally I’d love every weapon in the Stalker series. Any chance of making that possible?
Everything from the PMm pistol, to the RPG. I know a few of these have been done, but a pack perhaps?

Very angry? Just be happy that this itself is released. Maybe he’s working on some others.

That gun looks amazing. Makes me want to start up STALKER and start playing.

I didn’t mean it. Come on! I like this release. I was just seeing if I could coax out some information on future ones.

Yeah! Great for the russian models.

There is some on just search stalker

Looks pretty. :q:

How do you rip from STALKER anyhow?

I love this gun.

Awesome, I like how you accepted my request.

Always wanted this gun in GMOD.

sorry to rain on your parade, but the infamous korean guy, ddok1994 already ported/ripped this.
And it’s been on for awhile

Thanks :), but it had been deleated.

Lol, actually it was my idea, and then you wanted it too. But I don’t care.

Thank for release this!!
But,You Should update with DEPLOYED BIPOD VERSION AND TELESCOPIC SIGHT!!!(For modern millitary pose)

PKM is “Пулемёт Калашникова” aka “Kalashnikov’s Machinegun”.

Also, great thing, downloading.

Something feels odd about the model, mainly the massive space between mag and trigger, it shouldn’t be really that big…
But it’s STALKER’s fault :V

dude, sweet

Why do I always say PKM as a word and not as letters. :S

Cool model though.