Pkmadness [INSTACRAFT] noobfriendly pvp - sleepers 24/7

Welcome to Pkmadness

I’m happy to announce we opened a rust server and might soon open a second one
But lets get to the point,

Why would you join our server?
We have an unique donation system, where you can donate for ingame items (Not pay-to-win items) Find more info about donation on

We give you many benefits compared to other servers for example:

  • A friendly community that is active.
  • Staff monitoring the server nearly 24/7
  • Strict Noob friendly rules (don’t kill naked)
  • Ingame help and live help in teamspeak
  • A free teleport for each friend you refer so you can instantly play together
  • Free Teamspeak Slots for your clan and a private channel with it

Overal a friendly community that doesnt mind giving new players a helping hand.

We also offer daily new content on our forums and we actively monitor the ban/unban requests as well due the fact we want to keep cheaters of the server. We do give rewards for people that successfully caught a cheater with proof.

PvP Server to connect press F1 and copy/paste this: