[PL] Max-Play.pl | Build [ACF, Wire, PMP]

Hello ladies. Especialy those who are from Poland or just happen to live there or somewhere near the border (Ukraine/Lithuania/Belarus/Slovakia/Czech Republic). I would like to invite you to server which was made for folks like you - with a very low ping (It is located in Warsaw which somehow has optical fibers), with many addons for vehicle builders (like wire, proppeler model pack, armored combat framework, physgun buildmode etc.) and admins with long experience (like me: I’m playing gmod since V6 came out). Of course, if you can handle having high pings, you’re welcome here no matter where are you from. This server is like GGG. But without Sestze :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough of that gibberish.


  1. By entering the server you accept rules.
  2. Playing on this server is a privellage, not a right
    (Admins are allowed to take from you that privellage by their decision).
  3. Treat everyone else like you would like to be treated.
  4. Ask precise questions and answer them clearly.
  5. This server is part of the Max-Play.pl community.
  6. It is your duty to make sure that your contraption is stable and it doesn’t affect performence of server too much.
  7. Play with ACF with thought: Mount it on contraptions and only there, don’t fight while everyone else is building.
  8. Clean your unused stuff.

List of addons on the server

Password: none
Slots: 12
Machine: Linux

And for those who speak Polish there is our forum.

I approve of this server.