PL US East PVP Rare C4| Sleepers| Half Crafting Time|No Durability|Airdrop @10|Active Admins

Groups - Creates groups to be able to use your own private chat that is separate from the rest of the server!
Owner removal plugin - Destroy misplaced stuff with your pickaxe. It will drop the resources used to make whatever you break.
Rare C4 -C4 Blueprints are disabled. You can only get C4 from airdrops and Rad animals with a 1/5000 drop rate.
Doorsharing - This server runs a more secure, advanced, and easy-to-use form of doorshare than what is in the vanilla game.
Airdrops - Airdrops occur throughout the day when 10 people are on 6am-9pm.
Fastcraft- Crafting times are reduced to 50%.
Sleepers enabled - Make sure you log out in a safe place or risk dying!
Rankings - You can view the rankings of kills on the server! See who the best players are!
No Durability - Items do not take durability damage.
Active, Friendly Admins - Admins are here to make sure things run smoothly.

Server was wiped March 3 2014

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