PLA Squads' rescue operation.

They dont care about citizens’ right.

Same picture another angle.


I like the first one. Cool concept.

The guy dangling out of the chopper should be hanging straight down, not even Arnie could hold a guy wearing full battle rattle at that kind of angle with one hand


also, this is refreshingly different and nice and colourful

i really like the first one, it appears youre getting the message that everyone is telling you, i really like this no joke.

On top of what Rossmum said, the guy should be touching the edge of the helicopter to support some of his weight. They’re making it unnecessarily hard for themselves

I think the second one would have been the best if we saw more of the horde below.

I like it. The guys in the chopper don’t have any shadows though.

Making great progress here. Aside from a few posing errors that were already pointed out, this is solid work. I like the lighting and I gotta say your muzzle flashes are starting to grow on me. Keep up the good work.

Not generic. Nice Editing.
I like. Much better than that tsaudlr guy.

Thanks. Guys