Place to start?

I want to start mapping and get good at it, but I’m not sure what game(or gamemode) is the best to start with. Can anyone give me a suggestion on what my first map should be. BTW I’ve looked at tutorials and understand the basics of mapping, just can’t decide what I should make.

Make a simple room for EP2. And then add a door. And keep playing… Models, lights, et.c

It doesn’t really matter what you map in the first few days… Don’t worry about gameplay, or aesthetics. Just do it for the experience.

But please, dear god don’t release it.

My first map just started out of random inspiration. I built a small outdoor area (no displacements, just a road) and added tunnels to it, then made a blockade so that you have to get off the vehicle and enter another door, which lead to a vent system. The vent system lead to the other side of the blockade with a switch to lower a bridge across the blockade. You could then proceed forward.

That’s just about as far as I got on my first map (excluding the very beginner box with a fence and explosive barrel in it map)


I never released it, never plan to. It sucks.

But it was a start…

I usually get a map or something from another game, map is then do what i dont like :smiley: