Placement of Resources

Hey lovely people.

I was wondering if I can place my resources for addons and/or gamemodes in the addon/gamemode file-system istead of folders in the “garrysmod” directory?

I’d rather have my resources (a sound file in this case) in the addon’s folder instead of the gmod folder, as I often forget to bring over the resources when I transfer the addon.

Can this be done? And if so; how would I import them in my glua code?

Any help is much appreciated :smiley:

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the /addons/ folder is a ‘copy’ of the gmod folder, it mirrors everything, so doing /addons/myaddon/sounds/yourfolder/soundname.wav would be the same as doing /garrysmod/sounds/yourfolder/soundname.wav, and you include them the normal was as if it would be the linked directory.

Thanks man! :smiley:

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