Placing roofs on top of five pillars?

Impossible to do. Found a house that had long been abandoned so decided to set up shop in it. Then I found out WHY it had been abandoned.

The building consisted of two foundations side by side with walls all around and a doorway with no door on it, a roof over one of the foundations but not the other. So I built myself a door, placed it down and proceeded to build two campfires to double my smelting speed. Lastly I built a roof to put over the second foundation in order to prevent people from building a ramp to jump in, when I noticed that there was a fifth pillar on the second foundation sitting squarely in the middle. So I finished building the roof, went to place it yet no matter where I looked, no matter what angle I managed to look at that gaping hole where the ceiling should be, I was unable to place the roof up there.

Is this a bug due to there being a fifth pillar there? Does it count that as an obstruction thus preventing you from placing down?

If you ask me, a fifth pillar in the centre of the room makes it feel more homely and it looks austhetically pleasing.

I’ve noticed this too. Having a fifth pillar blocks a ceiling above it. I found an abandoned foundation like you (5x3, wasn’t a small base, but had no walls or doors so I nicked it :D). Anyway there was one pillar just sat in the middle of one of the foundations. I couldn’t put a ceiling on it. I ended up making it into a fireman’s pole and put doors all around on every floor - it was pretty cool actually, you could slide down it and everything.

But yes, presumably this is just a bug or a unhandled edge case and hopefully can be rectified.

Right now, it’s the only way to build a drop shaft without worrying about someone trolling you by adding unbreakable roofs in the middle of it. So it does have its uses.

Well they made it so you can’t destroy pillars or ceilings or foundations so…there’s is someone to blame here.

Also makes it so you can have multi level houses without having to worry about someone building on the outside to the top floor

The fifth pillar is what I use for an anti breakin wall. Now that ramps are breakable, it’s the only way to do it.

A pillar like that shouldn’t prevent you from placing a roof. It has to be a bug :frowning: