Plague - zombie gamemode

Plague! An S&Box gamemode I am (going to be) working on.

It’ll be set up similarly to many zombie games, one zombie team and one survivor team.
Survivors have to get to one place or survive as long as they can against the zombies (or until they run out).

Where many of these types of gamemode fall short are the zombie side - a lot of people don’t enjoy being zombies because it isn’t very fun. That’s what I’m trying to improve.

Special things for each class - enjoyable things however still balanced.
Zombies could have “traps” or some sort of build menu similar to the survivors.

And not have the zombies nerfed to shit. You better fight well or reinforce well or else expect death.
Zombie movement won’t be extremely sluggish but perhaps nerfed in some way. Might give them some special move the survivors do not have.

Survivors will have the ability to build or reinforce. Means less in “get to one place mode”, but more in “survive all the zombies/as long as you can mode”.

Various modifiers will be randomly selected. Maybe water level rise, wind, who knows! I’ll have to elaborate on this a bit more.

Machines - perhaps machines a survivor could make to fight off zombies (eg a spinning helicopter blade to chop them up)

Various weapon upgrades and procedurally generated buffs with an “upgrade” system.

I want to incorporate some randomness into it all.

Had this idea on my mind for a while, was gonna make it in a different engine but I can’t help but imagine S&Box avatar as a green zombie.

I do not want to directly replicate anything previously made.

I am considering starting to write code for it, but it’s a bit impractical before release (or I get access - would be glorious). I’ve got a couple of years of experience in C# and lots in other languages.

Feel free to suggest anything in the replies! I’m hunting for unique spins.


Update: decided to do a blockout-ey version of a map. I’m trying to get a touch for how I want everything to feel. I don’t want to detail the maps too much because s&box won’t be shipped with HLA assets.

Gonna keep the updates important, don’t want to spam it. Might just end up editing one reply.

Various spawns would be placed around the map, with Zombies being spawned at the nearest or second nearest spawn point depending on distance. This is a linear-ish map focused less on survival and more on “get to point” mode.

Survivor’s all spawn at the same place.


Most of the time I’ve spent in CS:S and CS:GO on the Zombie Escape servers, so I can’t wait to see what people like you will make in S&box.
Good luck, I hope to see your Gamemode in game at some point!


You should get inspired by L4D2 versus. Each zombie could have a special ability.

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I was thinking of something like that. Would be perfect!

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2021-04-24 16-45-53 (
Working on a mansion map for the survival mode, still have to carve out some of the windows on the inside and do various other things. WIP.