Plain combine skins

Hey, a quick request that should be easy for you guys but is there any way we can get plain combine skins?

Basically all of the combine’s body parts coloured white (useful for skinners who don’t want to waste time colouring it all white and such).

Reason for this is I’m planning on making my own personal skin. :3:

Would that include the eyes as well?


Yeah, sure.

Basically, the Combine skins (body parts of the Civil Protection officer, Prison Guard/Soldier (are they the same model? Because they aren’t reskins that’s for sure), and the Elite) are white so it makes skinning them with colours a bit more easier.

I’ll do it, but it’s really simple.

Just open up the skin and make the whole thing pure white (every single thing) and you’re done.

It may actually be easier to do a personal skin without whiting out the original. That way you can actually see which piece you’re recoloring as you go.

But if you do it, then I don’t have to lose respect again for skinners/modellers by having to attempt doing this myself, only to fail.