Plain glass texture

I am designing a map for Garry’s mod and i can’t figure out a glass texture to use so…


How would i make a glass texture in Photoshop.
like so you can tell its there but you can see threw it

sorry, it may be hard for you to explain :confused:

What if you used a noise overlay?

Naelstorm’s right, this is a terrible idea.

noise overlay? what? ignore him.

You need to create a alpha channel that is dark.

That should help.

Love you too buddy!

Or you could do this, but maybe not so scattered.

You do new picture(Transparent Background). Choose a color and lower the opacity of it to below about 20%. Fill the background. Apply any kind of filter you like or use different shades of the color you chose to add detail yourself. A simple see-through window.

Then apply an envmapmask to it to make it all nice an shiny :stuck_out_tongue:$envmap

(Has to be an envmap mask as your using the alpha channel for transparency, also on that note you will need to put “$translucent 1” in your VMT under the enmap settings else it wont work as I found out the other day ¬.¬)

I just did what Patato said but, the transparency just turns a white color the editor.

Did you put $translucent 1 in the VMT?

heh i didn’t mean to be offensive, i just didn’t want the guy getting confused.

no :stuck_out_tongue:

like this?

$basetexture PB_textures\glasstext
$surfaceprop glass
$translucent 1

Yea that should do it, as long as your using it as a brush texture, if it’s for a model it would need to be VertexLitGeneric instead of LightmappedGeneric.