"Plan B is a go, sir." Rebels bomb front gates

“Excellent, proceed with plan B.”
A group of unorthadox rebels attempt to break into a city by bombing the front gates.
Props to Camarilla for the models, they are fantastic.


With editing:


I tried :frowning:

Never use in-game explosion effects.

Ok, let me see what I can do.

They remind me of neotokyo the rebels

Neo-Nazi rebels?

Wow. The in-game explosion doesn’t look like total ass for once.

The edited explosion is kinda good.

Came by some explosive pack that had some pretty good effects. Caught in the right moment it would not look bad at all. Can’t remember the name.

Nice work by the way. Last explosion looks just fine.

The edited explosion needs a bit more depth on the contours but it looks nice anyway.
The angle you choosed makes the pic look very empty tho.