Plane Crash - Beta

Ok, It isn’t finished yet I just took some unedited pics from it and if anyone can help with ideas and such I will add it in there. I didn’t rush it or through junk everywhere. Its basicly a plane crashed due to the infection.

If anyone wants to edit these be my guest, also if something doesn’t look right in the picture you can tell me to remove it and I will, each time I re-edit my plane crash I will post pics to show you guys.

It’s nice

Way too much random destruction.

Can you point out some things I can take out?

how is that park sign floating,those buildings are really intact,and each debri is just one prop try to combine the debri props together so it looks good unless its a huge prop

Cut out a lot of the debris piles.

This was a horrible map to choose for this pose. The plane would have never reached the ground intact like that considering how narrow the buildings are to each other. Find a much more open map such as a freeway or something to simulate a crash.

Could have some fire in there.

It is not floating, its leaning on the building.

Looks like it came right out of Dead Frontier. Nice work.

the pilot did a nice job not hitting any of this buildings

did his fly in with the wings perpendicular to the ground or what?

But the sign is separated into 2 parts. One of which is floating, the other standing upright.

This. You could atleast use that canal on the map. It wouldn’t be the first time if a plane would crashland there.

Oh I see.

Also should I redo this on a highway map, Canal, forest?

Do it on a highway map. I just watched Knowing and it must now be on a highway map.

I did an edit in about half an hour

what think fp?

I would mount that.

Wow that looks awesome, only a little too dark.

I realised my smoke is terrible

shit I hit reply instead of edit

I don’t get why there is blood on certain places like on the ambulance.