Plane Crash in the harbor

So this picture just came from wanting to do something with the crashed plane prop. This is really my first attempt at any kind of editing like this, so be gentle. I was working with a picture of a newscast in my view when I did this. Took about an hour. I’m not really happy with that LIVE tag though. Or the Action 10 News bug there. Oh well. Live and learn. (And yes, I know the heli isn’t motion blurred. Oh well.)

Comments more about the editing would be appreciated. I’d really like to get better at it.
EDIT: 67 AM?! Wow…I can’t believe I didn’t see that…

Prop placement is ok. But posing is a bit stiff, and the face pose isn’t that great. Helicopter should be motion blurred, and maybe use super DoF with a small amount of blur.

stupid plane, you land at an airport; harbors are for boats

And sharks. Om nom nom.

Reporter looks stiff.

The live, thing, looks like something you made quickly on paint.

Looks kind of poorly done.

Heli is too low, its right about to hit that pole…

Now we get two crashed aircraft! :smug:

Why is he talking into a stun baton?

It’s a mic, silly.

It’s the longest mic with the thickest wire I’ve ever seen.

looks like the news from the 90’s

Eh, A stunbaton was the only good thing I could think of for a mic.
Yeah. I know I looks pretty stupid. Roll with it.

we need a microphone model…badly…

Your lines for the ticker on the bottom are off.

so looking at the actual scene, I see that like, no one is down there. So… ghosts are rescuing people these days?

Your move.

It’s just too bad when it capsizes.

the plane doesnt really look like it crashed, more like ditched.

Prop placement as said is ok

Actually there’s quite a few people down there. There’s just vehicles and the fence obscuring them.
Also, where the news guys is standing is pretty far away from them

Yeah, I tried to use some smoke effects in-game, but none of them looked good. And I’m just learning how to edit…So yeah.
If anyone knows how to make good smoke in GIMP, some pointers would be appreciated.

Props are okay, yet it need’s some editing and more posing.

Copy cats…