Plane Dogfight Edit Test Take Two.

I still need to work on the smoke, i think i made it to wispy. I have yet to find a decent tutorial on muzzle flash that works with my photo shop.

So the original image was just the two jets and you added the missile in between them?

The original was two jets and the missile. I added the smoke and (lol) muzzleflash.

Why the hell would the attacking plane be that close? The missile wouldn’t even track. You do know AA missiles have a minimal range?

Editing is meh. You could do a better job with ingame editing and stuff.

Also forgot to get rid of the landing gear.

What if its landing?

Fly over shot. If you have a faster plane then the opponent, you fire the rocket, and fly over before it hits.

Not much of a dogfight when a plane is trying to land.
Decent though.

F-22 Raptors don’t use Rockets…

They use Missiles. Missile have a minimum range.


I surrender :stuck_out_tongue:

They are awfully close together.

I’ll remember to spread em apart farther next time.

That’s an F35

Both of the planes are going to get damaged if there’re THAT close.

Everything is blurry.

Motion Blur. :3

Try to keep only the planes in focus next time.

Awww shit it is a F35.

I fail. Sorry, at a quick glance the side profile of the F35 is a lot like the Raptor.