Plane Factory !

Hey, this is a plane factory I made. It assembles a big plane.

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It builds that body not the plane

Very cool. Make the planes fly right out of the factory by themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks : D I’m actually thinking of making a launch pad for it… So it sends the planes out, like shot out of a crossbow :slight_smile:

This is pretty awsome.

That’s really cool

I really like this type of thing. Nice work.

That is win. That will save some time for dogfighting. You need it to appy thrusters too so all you have to do is add a seat

Can you apply thrusters with normal wire?
Oh, one thing you could do is make the front transparent so you can see out- that should be possible with the wire colo(u)r thing.


That was kick-ass.

This is badass.

Put that last table on an axis with axis linedraw tool, and a hydraulic that lifts the other end to face the plane upward. And just have a plate that shoots it off either with a forcer, or with extremely high settings on hydraulics and a rope to stop the plate from pushing out past the end of the table.


Also, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you sir have inspired me to finish my factory =D


I might finish my missle launcher I made like a year ago after watching this.

Hey, thanks for your post. Thats really not a bad idea, I could make it, and might post a V2 of it on youtube with some extra stuff. But, wire can’t apply thrusters to it, you would need STool Turrets, and the server I’m playing on doesn’t got it … : /


What factory are you making? :smiley:
Thanks for your post : )


Haha, I know, when I was filming, that guy just suddenly came because he wanted to become “Interfamous” ^^ I kinda laughed when he came with it, it wasn’t planned at all : p

Actually, you could use the Advanced Duplicator beam wire entity to drop an Adv Dupe of just a thruster, then wire nailer them to the props. You can also use it to add a seat. Of course if you’re going to do that, might as well just set up the Adv Dup beam to make whole planes.

And of course there’s the slight issue that every plane produced from the factory will be controlled by the exact same numpad buttons.

Again, lot’s of really good ideas ! I’m thinking of maybe making a Plane Factory V2, only if I get like 50+ subscribers, and liek 5000 views on youtube… The next three weeks I’m busy, and can’t do anything about it, but thanks for the post, another great idea, that I will add : )


Thanks ; D

indeed KICK ASS