Plane firing rocket

i like the editing took a while but the posing not so long there is a pilot in there you might not be able to make him out though

not sure why it resized? :frowning:

That plane. It’s gonna crash.

Very small, the ‘missile’ looks weird, and whats up with some of the colors?

i don’t think it’s even from gmod…

It’s clearly the F22 model from Crysis ported recently… the version that has its wings folded up for aircraft-carrier storage.

F-35 Lightning II :eng101:

On the pic: How did he get the plane up from the ground in the first place?

Close enough.

it is the heat from thrusters


idk :frowning: magic?
btw how is it bad spelling

Editing is better then I can do but I still think its bad…


Its gonna just fall to the ground.

Pic is bad, really the bomb is small and the editing needs improvment

its bad…? can i see some of yours and its a missile hence the name not a bomb i only started posing when i started on facepunch x)

I don’t see why that matters.
If you really wanted to know you could just look at his thread history anyway.