Plane idea for mappers

Here’s a weird idea which I don’t have time or the skills to implement.

You can treat this as a request if you like but otherwise, I’m just throwing this out there.

It would be interesting to have a map where you can “fly” between two areas on board a plane.

It would have 2 main areas for RP / whatever - and each area would be connected with a kind of “airport”. When you go through the airport and security scanner thing, you get on board a “plane”. You only ever see the inside of the plane, but while you’re inside it, it makes sounds and movements like a real plane, including a simulated landing.

Once the “plane” has landed, you can get off, walk out through the other airport and you’re in the second area of the map.

EDIT: Obviously the plane doesn’t actually go anywhere, it just simulates being in one. It could be a fairly short flight.

I feel like world portals would play a key role in this, but I have not mapped in a long time so I am unsure how.

probably just teleports and landmarks.

I’ve had the exact same idea before, not sure if I’ll ever get around to doing it, though.

you could some thing like the prisoner pod in hl2 but have a model plane fly around for a bit then when you land are released to walk around the other island

This is a relatively easy creation to do aside from the rest of the map but I don’t see why one can’t board a plane you never the see the outside of (could be hidden for example, through those umbilicals that are in airports), fade to black and fade back in on another plane that you can explore a little of I guess. A countdown (or a skip button?) of a minute then it fades to black, fades back and you’re at another airport?

How about instead of having a whole airport, you have a small facade of an airport and you just go into a black room that teleports you to a plane? THere are many possibilities and I think this latter idea is more suitable for saving resources as it technically could just be done with a texture of a bunch of windows with a crappy door at it’s minimal

You enter the fake plane which is just a shell and an areaportal or whatever, and are teleported seamlessly to the real plane which has closed windows. Once you are “in flight” the windows open to a closed off part of the map where clouds go by for a few seconds, then the flight ends, you exit with another portal thing, and you’re in the new area.

I’m a terrible mapper, but that’s what I’d do

I thought areaportal’s where used to cut off sections of map that weren’t in visual range so as to save rendering everything at once?

I think I got some terms confused

You probably mean just a teleporter :stuck_out_tongue:

What you’re explaining is three shells. One you go into, then you get teleported to the same shell in a different location, then again to the ‘destination’ location.

Well what I was thinking of was a concept I saw once. They had a doorway in the middle of a room, and from the front of the door you saw a different room, and from behind the door you saw through the doorway like normal. The idea was to use that fancy stuff to make a flat surface in front of you look like it’s the real plane, and then use a teleport to take you to the actual plane. I whipped up a proof of concept the other day (without the viewy thingy)

This map is tempting, I am doing a similar concept, except it involves a train instead of a plane. It’s deffinitely worth discussing this further, seeing a city at night from above would be amazing.