Plane is audible but can't see the Plane/Airdrop? Anyone else?

Every now and then I’ll hear the plane as if it’s right over me, but I cannot spot it at all. It pans from left to right in the headphones like it’s going overhead, but I cant see it nor the airdrop.

Is there a certain FOV that makes the plane invisible? Or is this something that seems to only be happening on this one specific server?

Could it be your draw distance?

try increasing the Draw Distance to 5000 if that doesnt help try relogging

I had that same issue as you are, until last night. I started ignoring the plane, because I could never find it, last night I saw the shadow of the plane as well as the package. I looked up and there was the package coming down not to far from my position. I never actually saw the plane though, but I looted my first air drop and then had a close battle with a geared fella, and I had him extremely low, but I died. Good story, got carried away.

This happens to me from time to time. Less recently though. Even as recent as last week I’ve heard this then saw the plane floating above the ground like a few blocks up but then it disappears.

I have noticed that sometimes the moment the plane sounds it will be right over you loud as hell. But you can’t see it. Well it’s actually not their and your game has bugged you need to relog when this happens.

It is the draw distance. Also, the altitude of the aircraft has increased since the last few patches which dosn’t help. I have a plugin on my server that annouces an aircraft has launched. Due to map size, I often never hear or see it.

it used to bug out underground; don’t know if that still happens, but it would have the same symptoms.