Plane plate tutorial.

If you ever wanted your planes to fly realistically, like with fin, but you don’t wanna spend eight hours calibrating and tinkering with it, this is something for you. It creates a simulated air resistance, which is pretty cool for flying planes.

Step one.
Spawn the plate, it’s important that it’s not a square.
Place thrusters as shown, around 10 thrust.

Step two.
Put speedometres with the first option ticked, then wire A from the thruster to Z on the speedo. Repeat on all four.

Step three.
Play with the weight and the thrust, 750 weight 10 thrust works for me. Important: Do NOT nograv it.
If you did it properly, it should look like this.

When you tilt it, it should dive…

Have fun.

argh, pics not working; try another site

Did, fixed.

Ah, this technique is pretty old, I’ve been using this pretty much since it was possible in wiremod, a good method nonetheless, good tutorial.

Old, looooong time ago on trickystutorials, and I guess it’s even older.

(User was banned for this post ("Replied just to say it's old" - Benji))

Yeah, but it’s still epic.

the speedobrake was designed by a guy named SneakyTouchYourPlace, not TT. I was there when he developed it :S

awesome, Ill use it on my next plane.

EDIT: also, what’s with the FPS drop in the third picture? is that a result of the contraption, or just a lag spike?

Hehe First thing i ever built with wire :slight_smile:

True, so hard to get excited about it.


This is fun but lags horribly when used online.

that’s actually what I used for the F-14. I think it works better than fin cause no matter what server I spawn it on it will always act the same. pretty old tech, but still, good tutorial.

I remember playing around with something like this. It’s fun to fling them into the air and see where they end up.