Plane takes off down the runway as the horde follows (Scene build sort of)

Well, figured I’d waste five hours of my not busy schedule to make something big.

Yeah, yeah I know some of the posing on the commons (and now the tank) suck, you wanna interweb tangle about it?

I posed fifty gasp ragdolls here, and put in about twenty props.

“Holy fuck Johnnie that’s huge and won’t fit on my screen and I’m too lazy to scroll right or even finish reading the post! What do I do?”

:siren:Zoom the fuck out!:siren:

Angle 1:

Angle 2:

Original(no props or ragdolls):


Criticize this goddamn.

oh shit not again

Scrapped angle:


Cool! Very Nice Johnnie! I wish I had patience like that, very nice, and the only problem I have with it, is the big open area in the middle, if you put 20 more ragdolls or so there, i would of Wallpaper’d it! but Nice job! Rated: Pallet

That must have taken a long time, good job

Why is there a pussy with a gay hat and suitcase?

Thanks guys

it’s Otacon and he appears to have missed his plane

How did the plane take off, it needs to be on a runway

Posing is nice

Rest of the runway was skybox.

Now that I think about it, I guess I could have put the plane and cam closer to the ground, good find, thanks for the comment.

Working on a v2 off the save as I post this.

Well, loading the save anyway


Updated OP.

haha very nice, some of the posing is a little akward, but overall it’s very good.

Yeah, noticed that on the tank and a few commons, thanks.

Just seems like a lot of badly posed ragdolls… I don’t see the qualities of this, sorry. Just because it’s big doesn’t mean it has to lack in quality. Improve on the posing since that’s the main focus, really, the scenebuild seems more like prop placement.

I admit, I got lazy posing some of the ragdolls, and by scene build I meant taking an almost empty scene and replicating it.

The plane needs some motion blur.

I shall give you motion blur. After school, first day today :buddy:

Awsum, I suck at blurring. :saddowns:

Also, next time, turn jpeg_quality to 100. It doesn’t look very good without it. Apart from that, and the lack of blur (which I will try my bestest, lol, to fix), it’s really a good picture.


Could make/tell me how to make an .exe that makes mat_picmip -10, and jpeg_quality 100 on startup?

Also, remember that this is the outside of the terminal map, so the runway was heavily optimized, IE: Low textures

I was talking about the big squares in the sky.

What… oh

That’s the shitty optimized smoke coming out of the middle of nowhere, sort of wishing I waited for the fifth map to come out before making this…

what’s that stuff around the wreckage? looks duped.

Which brings me to the next point. There’s a lot of work gone to waste in posing tens of ragdolls, placing tens of props, and then blurring and darkening the living daylights (pun intended) out of it. I can’t see all your hard work.

That said, it must have taken quite a while, and if you wanted to hide some of the sloppier posing (can’t say if there is, but you said some may look so, and it also means you’d have succeeded). Still, It’s way too dark and blurred for my taste.

Okay, I’ll work on that, thanks.

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