Plane violently crashes into a bridge

Oringal is up there

Edit by DMGaina

I want whatever the bridge is made of

Needs more editing to give it all the dynamic.

I am a bit drunk, but I will give it a try.

Oh shi-
Drunken editing, never tried it. But why do i think it will have a Robotnik?

I like the idea, but yeah it needs some editing to make it look good, now it looks like a statue to me.

When does a plane not Violently crash?

Fuck, I messed it up.

I give up!

Can We at least see it


I messed up everything I could mess up…

Epic editing, exception to the road. :confused:

Omg you’re so cool.

I know

Dude thats fucking epic

I love you DMGaina.

Here, has my mah babehs. (I’m tired sorry)

that’s a very nice scene