Planet Model

Hi guys, i think its the right section here.

I working on a new SB Map, and tryed to model a planet with XSI Mod Tool 6.
But whenever i do, i cant export the model to SMD/MDL. Trying the Search function…no way all links are broken (Wich Contains the Examples for that)
Trying google… it says the Valve Plugin for Exporting SMD is included in XSI Mod Tool 6, but it isnt…

I stopped working on my map now, until i have the model or until can help me with that stupid problem.

If someone can do that Homeplanet for me and Convert it for Hammer, i would give credits ofcourse for that.
Otherwise I need help do it self.
-Planetradius should be 3590 Units, or 2693 Inches.
-No Collision
-Earth texture, no matter wich quality, it should only looks like eart :>
-A Sphere…ofcourse…

I Know it should be easy for me, but i cant export it to SMD because no plugin found.

Thanks a lot who trying to help with that.

It is included but its hidden in the files (not installed). If you can’t find it its here: you have to install it in a very weird way in the file options somewhere though (and I can’t remember exactly how I did it).

(Also I found this quite easily with Google, as it was easier than finding my original link in my favorites).

Yeah i found it and installed already, and stopped working on my map.