Planet Of The Apes: Role-playing

Well, I think it would be really cool, a serious role-playing taking theme on the ape planet, Think of Hl2RP but with apes and humans, right? Would you do it?

Here’s some pictures

I was thinking of making a role-play dedicated to this, I think it would be awesome, if you have seen the movie, of course.

Wouldn’t work that well, but give it a try.

How wouldn’t it work?

It’d be a project, it would take months to get very talented modelers to make the models and proper animations, get everything perfected, make a gamemode for it etc.

New planet of the apes was eh.

If you get some models, it might be good.

New planet of the apes as in the 2001 right? I didn’t really like the ending of it, I hated it, actually. They need to make a #2.

How do you know it wont work well. have you tried and failed? you tend to be like this to everyones posts as if your the self proclaimed god of roleplay. you should be nice ont he posts or keep yourself to yourself.

Btw this is a great idea. it would be very fun to go around as a monkey man. i want to know how will the story work. do tell me please :smiley:

Yeah, but there is no models in my grasp to use, and it would take months to get a proper gamemode, custom models, custom animations, website and all that good stuff that would fit it properly.