Planet settlers, a grand RP idea.

:tubular:We got a mother fucking server- - Right now it’s just running Dark RP because the base of the real game mode isn’t made at all. We’ll be adding in mods to make it more like my idea for now.:tubular:

Also, ignore the shit about the train for now. Also also, would quests be a good idea?

HOLY SHIT A GREAT WALL OF TEXT TO KEEP MONGOLIANS OUT OF THE THREAD. Also, assume all lists here of things are incomplete because I’ll be adding more ideas.

Also, steam group.

Any bits we already have and don’t need made go here,

GibSplat Two-
Philxyz’s SeriousRP gamemode as a base when it’s done, or SilverRP.

If you have any ideas for *anything*, post it. This needs many more ideas form you all. Also, if you don't understand something tell me.

Also also, this is wrote so terribadly because I hadn’t slept, and it would be a pain in the ass to fix this so fuck.

Settlers is a resource, build, player, and political driven RP with some Bethstinaian RPG elements and no predetermined classes or roles in the standard DarkRPish way.
Anyone can anything so long as they have the skills or the money for it.

The story is a group of interstellar settlers arrive on an old abandoned planet to resurrect the city that was deserted on it.
You start out on an administration ship in orbit and get your stats, model, name, and basic cybernetics sorted out.
After you get off the ship, you get flown in to the planet side space port and take a pre-built train to the city.

But, after more than five people get on the server, the train breaks down.

This is when the admin ship sends down four tool guns, three mobile cranes, some track, and a new train.
Close to the space port is a build zone. Build zones are areas where people can build like in a sandbox.
These are the only areas where you can use a physgun. Things made here are exported out and from there must be moved physically.

This is where the cranes come in, the parts must be hoisted in to place then welded.

You must be very close to an object you want to weld, and objects must be close to each other to be welded outside a build zone. Welds take several seconds to take place, this is how all constraints function.

After three tracks are welded in to place a beam of light will shoot out of the track to take place of the rest of the track and the train can be hoisted on to the track and can be used to get to the city.

Once in the city, the players must get the power plant running.

The plant runs on an ore that players mine.

There are several types of ore:

Normal ore: Gray pot-marked rocks.
Tetrium: Yellow crystals. Gives more power and small amount of silicon is given off as slag.
Thoraline:Small black bouncy balls. Gives off even more power and some metal-strengthening material as slag.
Uranium:Big green glowing rocks. Gives off depleted uranium material as slag.

The admin ship beams down some mining equipment and some vehicles after the players get to the plant.

Players are then directed to a near by ore mine near the city, ore will yeald from 100 to 1000 units of power. After the plant stores 35,000 units of power in it’s primary battery the basic functions of the city will kick on and the admin ship will be fully open to all players.

So long as there is power in the city wire and computers (From PC mod) will work in most of the city.
Players can buy battery packs for small personal wire contraptions (More on wearable contraptions later), and small solar panels for personal power.

All of this is to get the first few players to the server familiarized with how things work. They’ll also be given the status as “Founders” by the Admin Ship.

Their job will be to get most of the basics in place and serve as kind of “founding fathers” for the city.

Shipments of items (We’ll be using Itemforge here) can be bought from the admin ship and arrive at the space port. From there the player must get the items back to the city on their own.

Most items will be shipped in bulk in crates.

For most interaction with the world will be done with physical hands, like in Trespasser.

When the hands are empty, moving the mouse around moves the hand up/down and left/right.
Gravity gun switch key is left/right in/out.
Reload is rotation.

If you bring up the context menu there will be a menu to switch left and right arms, and to switch to throw mode.

Pressing E will let you grab on to things. Mouse 1 is contextual to what you’re holding or looking at. Most of the time it’s used for pressing buttons, swinging melee weapons, or firing guns.

You won’t need to use most of this casually, it’s just there for convenience for anyone who needs it at all.

Contraptions under a certain size and weight can be worn on the player and be used by the hands.
From there the hand can push buttons or pull levers and other objects on the contraption, or a hand grip can be used. Handgrips are explained in the items post.

The world would be interacted with by the right hand and the left would be used for carrying and holding things mostly (But still can be moved around, this will be so people can nail and weld things. They hold the prop in place with the left and have a toolgun in the other hand).

Hand grips are like podless pod controllers. They can direct where the player is looking and what keys/buttons the player is pressing, and parts can be attached to it.

Instead of Advance dupe, we have fabers. Fabers fabricate Advance dupe files. To import a file from outside the game continuity a player must upload it to the server and have it approved by the admins (Real admins). They’ll then pay a fee to have a faber chip with the dupe on it sent to them.

Faber chips are chips for storing and moving the dupe files with in the server. Each chip can hold ten dupes and can be put inside a players Itemforge inventory.

Fabers come in five sizes. Micro, for very small things like things built on to a hand grip. Small, makes things up to the size of a single PHX square. Medium, makes things up to a 4x4 PHX square. Large, makes things up to the size of two Turbo Jalopies. And last, Huge. For things the size of two cargo containers.

The bigger the faber, the more is costs.

Fabers, and single prop spawning along with tools use resources. Prop resources are based on what their physical properties setting is.

Materials will be mined from different material spawning mines, with different sub-types and grades of materials giving different results (Like a metal that’s hyper-resistant to high impact force, or a plastic that’s super bouncy).

Here’s a list of some of the materials and sub-materials. All of these come in different grades that determine the strength and weight of props made out of them.

Basic materials:

Metal: Average metal, mostly bullet resistant. Models are various metal HL2 items, not PHX. Corrodes in water or over time and must be polished with bleach.
Plastic: Used to make plastics and rubber. A small layer can be put on to any prop to make it mildly rubberized. Not bullet resistant. Made out of oil automatically by preset oil rigs on the map and packaged in to blue barrels by default.
Fuel:Used for thrusters, cars, and fuel powered generators. Automatically produced by oil rigs and packaged in to exploding barrels. Also, what ever this is in will explode if put under enough force.
Can be poured in to other containers and on to the ground, like in Postal 2.
Glass: For making glass props. Anything made out of glass will transparent. Made out of sand mined by a sand sucking prop. Because there’s sand everywhere, glass grade sand will deplete over time in one area and slowly regenerate.
Silicon:For wire parts, mines the same way as glass.

Alloy materials: For adding new abilities to props.

Gold: Helps with conductivity and makes things gold colored. Some-what rare.
Titanium:Makes things more impact and bullet resistant.
Treloxide:Makes all constraints to a prop stronger.
Stainless steel: For making metal nearly rust-proof.
Depleted uranium: Makes objects denser, heavier and mildly radioactive. Good for projectiles.
Positive/Negative Magnium:Makes things magnetic. Fairly rare.
Droxide: Makes things mildly sticky or very stick depending on the amount used.
Gems and diamonds : Just for show and trade really. Can be welded on to props to make them look pretty.

To save a contraption in game, it has to be scanned by a scanner. Scanners are just like fabers in reverse and come in the same sizes.

Constraints will require either plastic for elastic rope, sodder for welding, nails for nailing, or rope.

There will be no non-wireable uses for the keypad. Also, the keypad will require a mobile keypad that the player must buy and will have a limited range for a player’s wire-input keypad contraptions.

Also, most of the time the keypad will be used for context based actions with things, there will be a menu in the context menu to switch it from item to wire use.

Also also, thrusters will use fuel made from ore and plastic. Why plastic? You already know that, you sexy dog you.


Most skills will be connected to other skills somewhere on a larger skill tree.

The more you use a skill, the better you will become at it. When you gain a level, you can increase root skills manually and get a perk.

The most obvious of these would be acrobatics, agility, and speed because they all use the legs.
But the more you raise those skills the faster you could raise other physical skills like damage with your fists and melee weapons.

Here’s an incomplete skill tree. Things under the same branch are connected.

Physical- Acrobatics, speed, agility, melee strength, max weight (Physical weight based on the props. Carrying a shit ton of heavy stuff will slow you down, but give you greater stat raises), and parkour (Like in the game mode).

Mental- Electronics (How well a player can use cybernetic implants, use of electronic items like multitools and keyrings, and also reduces materials needed for wire parts), medical, bargaining (Set’s the price of items bought off the ship, lowers your ship-bound taxes as it goes up, and gives a slightly higher chance to find valuable items and materials), and perception (Like in Fallout).

Perks, I can’t think of any now.

Players need to eat, and to eat they need to grow food.

Players must eat around 45 minuets from the last time they ate. If they don’t, they’ll starve over an hour and die.

Effects of starvation are: Lowered stats, big hit on speed and health. Blurred vision and hallucinations, like seeing people who aren’t there, randomly collapsing, and in the final stages inability to walk and tunnel vision.

The idea behind food is to drive food-based industries.

There will be several small lakes in the map that will be fertile and allow for easy growing of plants (And animals, maybe?).

They’ll be containers for water to be transported around for players to grow plants in less fertile areas, like having a rooftop garden in the city. Blue barrels will always be usable for this.

Also, liquids can be poured out using the Liquit containers mod as a base, and will flow on the ground like in Postal 2. Things can be poured from one container to another.

The map will be as large and tall as it can be made to house the large main city, the small outlying urban outskirts, the desert, the oasis farmland areas, the admin ship, the Underworks, and what ever we can jam in.

The Underworks are a large series of tunnels, sewers, and some small abandoned communities and facilities.

This will be the cave-crawl part of the game. Along with the far out barren areas, their will be various monsters in the Underworks.

A short list is-


Vorts (They’ll be the aliens that killed out the first settlers and are the natives of the planet.)

Robots (Combine soldiers along with manhacks and roller mines will do here.)

And last, crazy people (Rebel NPCs that attack players).

Most NPCs will have loot determined on what they are.

Robots will have loads of silicon (For wire chips.) and some electronic equipment.
Maybe these could be shutdown and reprogrammed as robot pets?

Zombies will have meat and some human items still on them from before their zombifacaiton.
Players that are killed by zombies will become super zombies, like boss zombies. Players can either stay this way an play as a monster or use the kill command to respawn, and the zombie would become an NPC.

Vorts will have alien weapons (Most are low grade, but some are rare and have great and strange powers), meat that boosts stats, rare materials, and alien tech.

If a player is killed by a vort, some of the time they’ll be taken to one of their cities underground and be locked up for study and will loose random items. The same will be done to any incapacitated the aliens find.

Crazy people will have a random assortment of things based on the mean of all the player’s inventory.
Found in the sewers and in abandoned towns and are the most common to get in to the city.

All these baddies can get up through the tunnels and in to the sewer, then in to the city.
Unless they’re enticed, this will be rare.

Zombies can be enticed with dead bodies, robots with silicon and metal, humans with food, and vorts with gold and rubies.

But some parts of the city will be unexplored, shutdown, and infested with various things that want to either rape, eat, or bash your face.

When you kill any of these you can use materials from the body to make things like (Custom PAC based, and model based) clothing. Think of wearing a robot’s skin as a suit, or using a headcrab as a back pack, or wearing people’s faces as shoulder pads.

You can also mount anything wearable on to props.

And in these unexplored areas of the city and the Underworks, there are items of great value.

Sometimes it’s rare materials, sometimes it’s armor or weapons, but most of the time it’s technology.
Tech that players can take with them back to the surface and build with.

Items ///////Moved to post below.

Now on to hurting things.

All props will have health based on their material and weight and will take damage from different things accordingly I.E. You could shoot plastic and weak metal to hell, but high grade metal won’t take your shit.

If a prop takes too much damage, first it becomes unwelded from other random props it’s welded to, then if you keep shooting it, it will unweld from everything, then if you’re an asshole and keep on shooting it, it will die and delete itself. Same goes for physical force, not everything can take a super strong/fast blow.

If you try and constrain something that’s been damage too much it will unweld itself at random times to simulate a damaged object.

Players will be able to buy a cheep personal shield to protect them from immediate harm like bullet, but once the shield’s power is dead the fun part starts.

With no shield, the player will take location based physical damage. If you shoot someone in the arm, they’ll drop their gun. In the leg and they’ll either get slowed down or drop to the floor if you want to be a bitch about it and keep shooting them.

We’ll have goremod 2 so for all the gore.

Corpses will decay over time, with the bone being the last and the longest to decay.

Dead bodies will retain damage done, bullets will stay in the bodies and can be matched to the gun that fired it. This is all to drive CSI enterprises and contraptions.

People will bleed out of open wounds and will die to death if it’s not patched up, but there’s a small chance you’ll nick a major vein or artery and they’ll die much faster.

If they have low physical stats they’ll have a good chance of being knocked to the ground, or unconscious by being shot anywhere. But chest/abdomen shots give the highest chance of this.

Headshots are almost always fatal, but rarely the person will have a little life left in them and might have just enough left to crawl to a medic or shoot their attacker.

Personal shields can be upgraded, but cost a shitload.

All players start out with five lives and can buy more from the ship’s insurance company, but only one every two hours. When killed they can take three items with them to the new body and a quarter of their money.

They can also subscribe to a revival service like in Borderlands. But they’ll take some hefty stat hits and drop random items with the corpse if they die too much too fast. After too many times they might not come back at all, or as something really freaky-deaky.

Yay pc mod <3.

I like your concept, although the admin ship is to close for all the work you need to do. Maybe it gets sucked in a wormhole and all its cargo got thrown out onto the planet randomly, and you have to find it then use it. Eh? Oh and make jobs for people using pcmod, like… Co-ords, item list, ETC.


Oh and i dont really like the idea of the phys gun for this concept, just me.

People will have hands for picking things up instead of the physgun.

Also, they’ll be no prop protection, but it would be hard to really steal contraptions here because you have to get the thing in to a faber scanner then ask an admin if you can download it to your computer.

Since when has the DarkRP way been the standard way?
If you’re talking about roleplay, this is or at least should be the standard way :slight_smile:

Why? To be mean to people?

So you gotta repair the train that breaks for no reason?

I dislike the idea of an admin ship… But mining sounds good.


I’d like to see somebody do that :stuck_out_tongue:


Err- Different sizes of scanners? Why?



Kinda forcing players to interrupt (possible) roleplay because the script demands :stuck_out_tongue:


:3 :3



Couldn’t be bothered to comment on other stuff… Maybe later.


Holy shit that post is looong

Long post, cool post. Hells yeah.

Sounds like you better start scripting.

Right now.

It’s a wonderful idea. I very much doubt any of it will be done.
Prove me wrong.

Also, I wrote all of this when I was high on caffeine and hadn’t slept for half a day.

That whole train thing is so the first ten people know what the fuck is going on and can set the infrastructure of the city.

And the admin ship isn’t the Admin’s personal ship, it’s just the name for the capital ship that you buy things from. Like the capital of the country your state is in.

This is a little bit like my script, with the resources and what have you… but yours has a story.

What do you think of my build-zone and hand ideas?

All of that is to separate the build from the real roleplay, so anything build would be seen as part of the game and out of a factory.

Also, the food thing is there to drive the economy and industry in game.

They’ll be parts people could buy to harvest different kinds of plants.

Also, I have an idea of people capturing aliens and zombies to farm and breed for meat, does that sound like a good idea?


Also, here’s the basic idea of the hands thing.





It has different keys used to modify rotation and the up/down in/out of the hand and arm.

The idea is to make the player a physical part of the world that has to physically interact with it.

The same idea is in the upcoming Red Orchestra 2.

Also, if some one could rewrite and reorganize my main post, send me a PM with the rewrote OP.

Also, I’ll use this post for items. Check here for any new ideas.

Hand grips: Hand grips are like podless pod controllers. They can direct where the player is looking and what keys/buttons the player is pressing, and parts can be attached to it. These can be used to make guns, credit card (Or really, ram card) readers, almost anything.
They come in small, medium, and large, and two types, two handed and one handed.

Rope: Used in every way just like normal rope. It can also be used to hang people, or choke them to death. Also a resource for roped objects.

Walke Talkies (Wireable E10): For short range communication. Very small band of frequencies you can use.
Wire inputs are: On/off: 1/0 for on and off. Feq, for the frequency. Input should be ###.#. Data input: Data you wish to transmit.
Outputs are: Data, any data received. On/off. Current Feq. In use.

Military grade radios (Wireable E25): Much higher range of frequencies and work anywhere inside the city. Limited range (But still large) outside the city.

Wire is the same as the last radio.

Radio hub: Relays to other radios and hubs.

Personal radios: For both ingame music and in-game talk shows and streaming music.

HAM radio (Wireable E10): Heavy and immobile radio transceiver. Uses different frequency band.
Same inputs as other radios.

Cellphone (Wireable E25): Just like a real one, but a shitty one.
Same inputs as radios, but instead of Feq it has Dial number.

Crowbar: Used to bash people’s heads in or break in to some one’s house the sloppy way. Needs high over all physical stats for breaking in.

Computers: Everything from PC mod. Probably with more programs, new GUI, and a now OS.

Laser pointer: For pointing.

Wire-grade laser pointer: The same, but from wiremod. Very pricey.

Bleach: For cleaning up dirty clothes.

Batteries: For mobile wire contraptions. Either charged at home or by a solar panel. Must be linked to any part of the wire contraption to work.

Solar panel: Hooks up to a battery to charge it when no wireless power is available. Can also be worn.

Hydro generator: Makes a small amount of power from water.

Line gun: Lets you quickly get from one place at either the same height or lower quickly.

Grapple gun: Lets you get from the ground to a higher area quickly. This and the line gun are very expensive.

Goggles: Lets a person see and hear new things. Uses modules for different functions-

IR mod: Close range heat ditection through walls. Not very accurate, but can see through walls.

Dart read out: Linkable to GPS and Med darts.

Zoom module: Lets a person use zoom.

Sonar: Lets a person see in the dark using sound.

Motion ditector: Highlights anything moving near by.

Impact gel: This gel can be used several ways. First, it can be used on it’s own to make a bubble around the player using it that negates fall damage. Second, it can be put in to props and clothing to lessen falling damage. Third, it can be deployed to create a reusable no-fall-damage pad. Depending on how much you have to spare, the fall damage will either be lessened or negated entirely.

Nametag: Puts a “HELLO, MY NAME IS _____” over your head in the overhead display of player information.

Badge maker: For printing out custom badges, works like the name tag. Puts a serial code on badges that can’t be copied.

Non-PC mod printer/copier: Let’s you print books, fliers, and notes.

Books are books, open it up and turn the page.
Notes must be read by using them.
Fliers project words out to read without using them.

Mass printer: For printing things, massively.

Paper: Both a resource and an item. Used for printers, or standalone.

Implantable GPS units: These take the place of wire beacons. When implanted either by hand or by a shot from a dart gun, it will add a wireable reader to the implanter’s inventory giving out the XYZ cords of whoever or whatever it was put in or on.
\The dart can be injected, loaded in to a gun, or fired from some sort of home made contraption.
It just needs to be going at a high speed to be embedded if it’s not being injected, basically.

Implantable medical monitor: Just like the GPS, but gives medical stats.

Med-gel: Heals up bleeding and some physical injury.

Metal detector: Detects metal things. Three types, hand held, door frame, and stick. Like the ones you see at the beach.

X-Ray machine (Wireable E5): Comes with a display. Scans a player for any weapons, metal items, and implanted things like GPS darts or RFID chips. Can also scan for metal objects 0or anything dense.
Inputs are: Scan. X-Y-Z, the cords to scan locally. It’s automatic unless wired.
Outputs are the same as a ranger.

Medkit: Allows for serious injuries to be healed. Healing is based on a minigame which in-turn is based on the type of injury the person has. Also can be used to remove implanted chips.

TV: Used for streaming videos. Maybe we could make our own youtube channel just for it and upload in-plot videos and shows just for it.

Lockpicks: These work just like in Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Door breaches: For breaching doors.

Binary explosives: These are two materials that, when touched together, explode. Different grades exist with different forces needed to explode.

Prongs/nails: When enough force is applied, these will stick on things and things will stick to it. Also can impale more than one thing and sticks to the world. Just like real nails.
Comes in sized from small to huge.

Hard-points: These would be parts a player would wear to attach heavier props to for greater stability.
There would be different kinds, some would be small circles that can fit anywhere and others would be shaped like clothing, think of backpacks and arm bands.

Tailoring kit: Let’s you use a retooled version of PAC.

Barrels: The tops of these can be opened and closed. When open, things inside can spill out.

Timers (Wireable E2):These are every day electronic timers.
Inputs: On/off. Start countdown. Stop countdown. Set countdown.
Outputs: Time left. Time passed. Finished, for when the timer goes off after a set time.

C4:Normal C4. Explodes if something explodes near it or has a triggering mechanism, burns if it’s set on fire. Yes, C4 slowly burns if it’s set on fire.

And then there’s the normal assorted guns like pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades, flashbangs, tear gas grenades, and everything else. Shotguns have three types of ammo. Buckshot, the normal spready kind. Beanbag, for knocking people down/unconscious. And explosive, for small armor and breaching doors.

As I get ideas for non-generic weapons and ammo, I’ll add them in.

They’ll be cars, I’ll add this in later.

Alien radio: Works anywhere and has a scanner for other radios. Can’t be used with normal radios. Kind of rare.

Alien shield: Gives a temporary boost to your shield and some health re-gen. Not rare.

Alien cloak: Not really a cloak, but lets you take on the current physical appearance of someone else until it burns out. Fairly rare.

Scavengable items, found in dungeon crawl areas like the Underworks and abandoned areas.

None of these are fabbable and must be found. If a contraption is scanned in with a rare part on it, the dupe will have an empty space on it where a rare item will automatically snap in place and wire up.

Planetary jump-drive: A hoverdrive controller. Fairly rare and needs a pricey power converter for it to work right. With out the converter the XYZ coordinates will have randomly scaled errors.

Point to point teleporter: Works just like an Asgard teleporter. Needs two power converters. Very rare.

Mass reducer: With this, things will need less energy to move, allowing them to move faster.

EMP tech producer:Either very rare or somewhat rare based on your electronics skill. Provided you have the right materials needed, this will make EMP (wireable) bombs, mines, and guns. Comes in three flavors. Staller, which shuts down all inputs to wire chips. Freaker, which gives random inputs. And hybrid, that does both to random chips. EMP’s will also be an instakill for bots.

Transmuter: Rare. This lets you combine to materials in to one at a higher cost than both separate (Think bouncy metal, or conductive plastic).

Life signs reader: Mostly rare. This will give you a radar readout of local player and NPC life signs, also gives out the XYZ cords. Wireable.

Handheld faber scanner: Very rare. Just like the immobile scanners but take much longer, immobilize you, and has a minigame you have to win based on how complex and heavy the thing your scanning is. All of this is to balance the fact you can take it anywhere.

Momentum multiplier: When activated and worn, this will give a short burst of speed to a player when sprint is pressed, the player moves fast enough to seem to move instantaneously. Very rare.

Intangibility device (Wireable E10): This will make a player intangible for a moment when activated. When this is turned on, the player will fall through anything, like noclip with walk enabled. This means they’ll have to jump through walls because they’d sink through the floor. If they get stuck in something they’ll die if they can’t get out with in ten seconds. It can be used five times before a ten minuet recharge time. It can be combined with the Momentum Multiplier to make a Relocator.
If aimed at a prop, door, or wall the Relocator will teleport a person to just behind the thing they’re looking at from the angle they’re looking at it from. If aimed at a person, they’ll be teleported right behind the person.

Mass negator: Like the reducer, but negates the effect of gravity.

Jetpack: LOOK AT ME, I CAN FLY! Uses thruster fuel. Very rare.

I have to say… if you could write lua like that… this will be amazing! I can also tell you it will be a MASSIVE amount of work in its current form. My script might come in handy for you by the time I get the thing useful… though looking at the amount of ideas you have here suggests I have plenty of time… since you’ll need plenty of time too to modify it heh

Awesome dudes.

The mega-towers are three huge blue towers that can be seen from anywhere on the surface.

They’re mostly just for show, but have a few rooms.

They also extend underground.

Larger buildings have ventilation systems and other places to sneak in.

Abandoned areas have no power and are infested with NPCs.

The abandoned science areas will have dungeon ares that will have rare items like the teleporter. Mostly infested with robots.

Industrial areas will have larger buildings for factories and storage.

Different districts would have different building styles and will be filled with different equipment and items.

Also, there will be more than ore mines, other mines will be placed randomly around the map.

And the river runs under the city at some points, but is above ground in some areas.


Oh, and the space port is at the southern most point in the map.

Well, you’ve got a pretty developed idea.

Thanks sweetums.

Also, let me tell you a scenario I have envisioned.

Some one who’s collecting rare parts gets his hands on a teleporter. He knows a guy who has a rare item on himself at all times. So the collector buys a GPS dart, hooks up the receiver up to his teleporter, fires the dart in to the man, then teleports him to a holding cell and steals the item from him.

Also, the dart can be injected, loaded in to a gun, or fired from some sort of home made contraption.

I just needs to be going at a high speed to be embedded if it’s not being injected, basically.

Also, I just got a great idea. What if we had cameras that stream to a website, then the stream can be viewed in-game on the TVs from that website.
Then Youtube would be used for pre-recorded taped programs.

Im not digging the map idea, sorry.

What’s wrong with it? My idea is to have it be like a small chunk of a game like Oblivion, with plenty of places to explore and places to find rare and valuable items.

I think its just your shitty drawing put me off :p.

I know a guy who might make a basic layout map for it.