Planetary deployment + an extra

i made these as promo pics for Lt_C’s shuttle model. both are scenebuilds on gm_black.

Awesome work, especially on the first one.

Say, you used alot of Mass Effect stuff in the first one right?

yep, the whole station/ship is made from ME props

Excellent work on these, thanks again.

The public release is inbound, I’m just putting on some polish at this point.

Awesome work.

that is one swank aircraft interior

excellent scenebuild as well

That’s some nice work right there


great :smiley:

Can I ask where you got the props for the first one?

Second pic would look really neat with mass effect like bloom and glowy stuff. Nice touch with the forums edit in that pic :3

most of them should be in this pack

not an edit though, just a skin on the tablet model :v: