Planetary Gravity

I was wondering, would it be at all possible to make a tool that when you use it on anything, it applies planetary gravity to it? Say you shot a giant sphere with it. Anyone who jumped on the sphere would be able to walk all over it. Upside down and all. Just like a planet.

If it was possible to make, and someone made it… I was planning to use it for creating a spiraling/twisting bridge… When you walked on it, you would go upside down/sideways/every other way.

There was a project like this a few years ago, and while it did work to an extent it was very flawed and rather buggy. I’m sure this is possible within the Source engine, just maybe not using Lua alone.

Do you know of anyone that can help make this?

Not really. All I can do is link you to the old thread if you want to try out what they had going (and it still works).

I looked on the thread, and apparently it crashes Gmod. So it needs some work

Well… If you can get this in GMod… Then you could just disable gravity and apply force on entities. In theory. This could be very buggy though.


And this!!

Those could really help.