Planetary invasion

A series of images following a theme . I dont know why but i was in a mood to make something like this

Will prolly add more later on

Your posing is nice, but you should work more on your editing and see if you can turn on anti-aliasing.

Yeah but as it is anti aliasing would need to constantly be turned on , i have it at 4x on my settings , im getting a new rig after summer so it will hopefully be better then .

Also what else was there to edit in there ? Well the electricity effect coulda been better on the pole but i was kinda lazy

Ah, I see. Also, I was talking about the staff electriticy.

I just wasnt feelin like lookin up a tutorial for it , i know of a good one but last time i tried it photoshop was giving me trouble

I really like the last one, the camera angle is quite good. The others are a bit off, but still pretty good.

What the red map?

I like the scale you were going for.

Wow, really nice posing. You have improved alot since the first time you posted here, great work!

Pretty cool but the jaggies are everywhere.

Also what are those models you used?

These are the soldiers:

Unsure 'bout the aliens though…

Its the Sun Krall aliens . The big one is Krallzilla

Those are some piss poor side straddle hops!

I like the scale of these images.

Invaders encounter the heaviest enemy unit in battle

Wow, I really like the scale of your pictures.

Ah, I seee the M-76 Revanant :slight_smile:
Awesoem work!

Where are the ships from? (Latest pic you posted)

The scale is nice. But even with you putting all this stuff in, the pictures are still empty in a sense. They need more stuff around as well. Dust, rocks, maybe a plant or two.

Also it might be usefull to do some colour coorrection to make the models not stand out from the environment so much.

This is color corrected but in post .

Also i suppose i forgot to add the dust seeing how its mostly dusty around . I wanted to add rocks buti just do not know what rocks to use that dont stand out horrendusly . So if you got…i dunno rock type models that are good in this kinda enviroment id like to see them…well you dont have to have them just telll me of a good one .

Also viper the transport ships there are from the freelancer ship models , you can get it on