To be blunt, I need planets. Atmospheres and terrains between 2000 and 6000 (or another reasonable size, this is for spacebuild, after all) units in diameter.

Why do I need them? For my dynamic planet spawning addon, of course!

As you can see, I have a few planets in an “okay” state, but, in my opinion, they look like shit, and I’m looking for something better. The planet’s atmosphere and landform can be a separate model. And if you make trees, monuments, etc to put on the landform, I’d recommend making those into separate models as well.
Don’t forget to make a invisible wall around it’s edge! That can be (and probably should be, so you can reuse it) a separate model.

Now, I know there’s a few of you who are going to say that making terrain whit an accurate collision model is impossible, but I’ll tell you right now, it’s not:

My method of making the CM is automated, and works on a polygon-reduced version of the terrain. (If you stare at the above image long enough, you’ll realise it extracts and extrudes each polygon into a separate object) If you’re having trouble making a CM for your terrain, I could take a crack at it.

If your model is an arrangement of multiple models, a save/dupe of it would be very nice, so I can save it with my dynamic planet save stool. (If you do save/dupe your planet, please don’t spawn the atmosphere. Just tell me it’s model, skin, and radius, and I’ll center it perfectly on your landform.)

Well, what are you waiting for, is anybody here up to the challenge of helping to usher in a new era in spacebuild history?

Was wondering when you were actually gonna go through with this man, be cool to have your own solar system!

Sounds like a sweet idea! Can’t wait to see the end result!

Too bad I don’t have a modeling rpogram. What are you using?

Even though I’ll probably NOT make anything for these, but could you tell me anyway?

Wow, long time no see for this one. Cool that you’re keeping on track.
I probably won’t be able to play it anyway, though, because of my shit computer.

Although, if someone makes planet models, I could take a crack at whipping up textures for’em. Provided they’re UVed properly.

I’m using XSI Mod Tool, the models I’ve got pictured here are from Mod Tool V6, but now I use V7. There’s almost no difference between the two, except the download link for V7 is a bitch to find on autodesk’s website. It’s like they hide it so people don’t know it’s there.

Oh, and for anyone who is modeling for this, really cool atmosphere textures here:

Also, I’ll probably get around to releasing my atmospheres and landforms, along with the saver stool, so you guys can do all the work, erm, I mean creation, yourself, and I just package it up into the addon!

I’d like to have at least 10 unique landforms before release.

And to prove that I do indeed have it working, and am just awaiting your generous contribution of models:

Seems pretty cool so far.

But, will those spawned Planets be destroyable? That would be really cool. Destroyable Planets would make Spacewars even more fun. I think that has been requested since the beginning of Spacebuild, but wasn’t possible because engine limitations (no dynamic world changes), but your planets seem to be entities? So this might be doable?)

A planet could also change depending on how much “health” he has. Example: Planet with 50% health changes skin to have some craters etc… And a nearly destroyed planet could turn into a lava planet.

so that’s what the SBD_dynamic map is for eh? pretty cool!


That was actually an earlier, buggy version of the map that’s packaged with this addon. That was a more primitive test where the spawnpoints were predefined…this actually works on ANY map. (The only reason a map is included is because there aren’t may large, open maps where I could spawn, say, 7 planets in, soo…)


It is possible. If the modeler is willing to use cinematic physics to make an epic explosion animation for his planet landform. (I could do the rest, like fading away the atmosphere and scattering other props) The carnage would be (nearly) the same every time (if it’s the same planet), but hey, it’d be cool.


Seriously though. I love your enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm will not get this to a release, though. Modelers will. (And thereafter, planet-designers.)